1. I am the youngest of 3.
  2. My brother and sister are 5 and 7 years older than me.
  3. We get along pretty well as far as siblings go.
  4. We are 5th Generation San Franciscans.
  5. I never knew if I wanted kids until almost the last minute.
  6. I now have a son, Finn, who is the light in my life.
  7. My husband, Sasha is OK, too.
  8. I am still the same person as before I became a mom.
  9. Except now I go to bed much earlier.
  10. I guess I have to get up earlier, too.
  11. No more sleeping in until noon.
  12. That is probably the hardest part.
  13. I like to sleep.
  14. The wife part probably changed me the most due to the domestic stuff I would rather avoid.
  15. I would eat cereal for dinner if it was just me.
  16. Suddenly I am a chef.
  17. I work full time helping people with cancer.
  18. It is rewarding but the company is always broke, because helping does not pay.
  19. I was a stalker as a teenager.
  20. Too awkward to talk to boys I liked, I would crank call them.
  21. I am glad I do not do that anymore.
  22. Caller ID sort of ruined that, anyway.
  23. I did not learn to ride a bike until I was 8 years old.
  24. The day I learned, there was an earthquake.
  25. My cousin & I hid under the dining room table for hours in anticipation of the aftershock.
  26. I have been in dozens of small earthquakes & two major earthquakes since then.
  27. My ancestors survived the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.
  28. They had to live in a tent city for months afterwards.
  29. I feel like there is a catastrophic earthquake in my future.
  30. I am a lefty left leftist liberal independent.
  31. This is hard work.
  32. I am notoriously lazy.
  33. My high school history teacher, Mr. Boynton called me an underachiever in front of the whole class.
  34. I said: “You don’t know my life” bitch.
  35. He agreed.
  36. I never wanted to be a brain surgeon, rocket scientist, Congressman, so what?
  37. It was not as bad as when the nun in 5th grade dumped the contents of my messy desk out in the middle of class & made me clean it up in front of everyone.
  38. That was humiliating.
  39. The 8th grade nun separated her class in order of good kids to bad kids.
  40. I was on the side of the bad kids.
  41. Seriously uncool of her.
  42. She sat me in front of a really bad kid & behind the really bad kid’s best friend.
  43. It was non-stop abuse & torture all day long.
  44. I hated Catholic School.
  45. I got a D in religion.
  46. I also have no idea how to properly use apostrophes.
  47. My head is always in the clouds anyway.
  48. While growing up, the summer was basically just running around playing all day until dinnertime.
  49. I miss that.
  50. I cracked my head open from chasing a squirrel up a tree when I was 10.
  51. When I woke up after being knocked out, I saw blood pouring on the rocks. “Am I bleeding?” I asked.
  52. I have been in love 4 times in my life.
  53. Hopefully the last.
  54. I lost my virginity when I was 18 years old on a hot summer day in Queens, NY.
  55. He was a virgin, too, & we were in love.
  56. There is so much more to that story, but it will ruin the moment so I won’t go there.
  57. My parents were married for 40 years.
  58. We threw them a kick-ass surprise party for their 40th anniversary.
  59. The kids & grandkids sang them a medley.
  60. Everyone cried & made speeches.
  61. My Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 months later.
  62. She died 3 months after that.
  63. Her entire family surrounded her as she left this world.
  64. I am grateful for that everyday.
  65. There was also someone else there as she kept referring to Laurie & Tern Reynolds from Oregon.
  66. No one knows who that is, but think maybe they were there as escorts or guides.
  67. Part of my heart is forever gone.
  68. Don’t smoke.
  69. I wish I knew how to play the piano.
  70. I am shy.
  71. I am loud.
  72. I am a nice person.
  73. I am a good friend.
  74. I love to read, especially a good literary novel.
  75. I watch way too much television.
  76. I am trying to break my addiction to sugar.
  77. It sucks hard.
  78. I am a snacker by nature.
  79. I am pop cultured.
  80. I got caught cheating once on my geography quiz.
  81. I still do not know where Ethiopia is & probably could not point out Egypt on a map.
  82. But I know a lot of stuff about celebrities.
  83. I am a dog person without a dog.
  84. I am afraid getting a dog will disrupt the fragile eco system that is the lives of my 2 cats.
  85. Plus, we still need to build a fence.
  86. I think we will wait until Finn is old enough to clean up the dog poop.
  87. I still wear way too much black.
  88. I won a trip to Hawaii a few years ago.
  89. I love to swim in the ocean.
  90. I could tread water all day long.
  91. I have red hair & fair skin.
  92. I am Irish, after all.
  93. I do not have enough melanin pigment to help protect my skin against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.
  94. I can still swim in the ocean at night.
  95. I cannot eat spicy foods without great discomfort.
  96. I think I am allergic.
  97. Pepper is the antichrist.
  98. The odds of me being in a car accident are high.
  99. I hope I do not die this way, but I might.
  100. What happens to online diaries when we die?
  101. Until then, be cool, have fun.



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