I am still pregnant.  Not only was Finn born by now, but he was already home a week after a near month in the NICU.  What a trip.  The progesterone shots I take in the butt cheek once a week to keep me from pre-term labor are working.  I was supposed to take my last one last week, since now I am considered to term (woo!).  I took the shot one day later than usual and was contracting so bad it scared me.  I decided to go ahead and take one more shot of the stuff this week.  Birthing at 38 weeks as opposed to 37 weeks, seems way better.  If this kid is going to need surgery straight out of the gate, this is not a bad way to delay that violation & give him a little more peace while he can get it.  Me, too!

A lot of people want the baby out by now.  Other than monster heart burn, back aches and feeling like a bowling ball is wedged between my legs, I feel pretty good!  I just really thought I would be pampered more at this stage.  My mother-in-law is coming to visit for the next 10 days in case I go into labor; this way someone will be here to watch Finn when we go to the hospital.  Well, this means the house needs to be cleaned.  You would think someone would vacuum for me or at least scrub beneath the toilet so I don’t have to crouch down there in my condition, but NOOOOOO!

This last shot should wear off around 7/19 and I expect labor will start within a few days after that.  The next you hear from me, the baby will be born & we will know if he will need surgery on his guts or not.  Let’s hope the little bugger’s intestines are fully anchored the way they are supposed to be and he can come home within a few days.

I am a little bit in shock this is actually happening.  It has been the craziest pregnancy, making it easy to forget that a baby is going to be coming out of all this.  I do get to see his blurry face on ultrasound once a week already, and have even seen his belly button and that he has hair growing on his head.  It will be nice to finally be able to gaze upon his face in person, in all its Technicolor glory.

Disclaimer: Not my belly.  Not a real photo.

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7 Comments on “COUNTDOWN”

  1. GOOD LUCK! I will be thinking of you all! xx

  2. Megin Says:

    Thinking good thoughts for you and your growing family!

  3. Dan Scott Says:

    GO GO GO! Will give the kiddies here an extra, mystifying hug and send positive karma your way!

  4. Good luck, lady! (And baby!) I’ll be thinking good thoughts.

  5. Onyxpurr Says:

    Good luck! So exciting…only about 4 days away!! Hope everything is okay with your little man and you get to take him home soon!

  6. teranika Says:

    Good luck, Cloudy! I’m thinking of you and imagining you and Sasha holding the little one in your arms next week, and then all of you packing your bags and heading for home…

  7. Desirée Says:

    Thinking of you and hoping all’s well. x

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