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June 16, 2011

My butt itches.  The weekly progesterone shots are just one itchy pain in the ass, but it seems to be working as I have made it through 3 major milestones:

I made it past 32 weeks of pregnancy (out of 40), which is when my water broke last time. 

I have just now officially made it to 33 weeks, which is when my last son was born. 

I got to attend my baby shower!  The last one was canceled due to actually having a baby.

Also, I doubled my amniotic fluid.  Drinking over 2 gallons of water a day actually worked, although my own bladder is very upset with me.  Nice to ease up on some of those worries.


All in all, everything is going great.  At my last ultrasound, the baby is showing to weigh just about exactly what Finn weighed when he was born – both were at 33 weeks.  Pretty fucking cool.  I am breathing so much easier, although, not walking well at all.  My center of gravity is so off by this giant, growing tummy, that I knocked my back out of whack and need to wear a prenatal cradle.  I joked about the sexiness of these before, but never really thought I would get to wear one.  I will rock the shit out of this lovely: