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April 12, 2010


I lost my beloved job last month when some bad people came and stole our helpful cancer tool out from under us.  To add insult to injury, my husband has been out of work since October.  Even though we are in a dire situation, all is not lost – I still have hope that everything will be OK.  We might lose our house, but we still have each other, right?  Um.

I would love to write more and have lots to say, but now that I am suddenly a full time Mommy, my time on the Internet is scarce.  I miss all my friends here and the ease of making new friends via this website.  It is easier to peek into facebook, so please feel free to friend me there (you can find me under Colleen Frary or maybe even colleenfalling) until I can get this place back on its feet.

Love and bubbles!