Ten years in a relationship with one person is an awfully lengthy time, so we commemorated the occasion with a long weekend on the spectacular Oregon coast. On the drive there, I realized something about Sasha: he is simply the nicest person in the world; he will do anything for anybody…except allow you to merge peacefully in front of him in traffic.

Finn loved running freely on the beach, he would just go and go and we did not have to worry about him getting run over by a car. I was concerned with the mighty ocean snatching him up and taking him away, but luckily the sneaker waves did not play any dirty tricks.  The best part was flying our giant Cyclops kite with spinning eye and spinner tail.


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  1. Sharnee Says:

    Running on the beach is one of lifes pleasures (well, if you’re young) I bet they’d arrest me if I randomly ran around now 🙂 How awesome is that kite???

  2. Eleanor Says:

    That’s adorable.

  3. Desirée Says:

    It really is chasing him! Poor lad will be suffering nightmares about the spinning tail monster for decades! 😉 Can’t realy understand how our babies suddenly got so big. Seems like only a few moments ago they were little fish in our bellies.

  4. webmiss Says:

    What a terrific picture! I love the kite, it’s wickedly creepy. Congratulations on 10 years!

  5. poopiebitch Says:

    Congratulations on ten years, a gorgeous kid, and finding the single coolest kite ever made.

  6. Annette Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I have great memories of running on the beach and flying kites! I love that picture. you picked a great weekend to get some cool air as Seattle was very hot!

  7. LJ Says:

    Love the shot. I’d be scared too if that kite was chasing me.

  8. Chris Says:

    This has nothing to do with the current post, but comments for the old site are disabled. I was in the shower and was looking at a pantene bottle. “Conpoo Shamditioner” crossed my mind, so I googled it to see if anyone else had the same thought. Sure enough! Can daydreams be catching?

  9. Kim Says:

    GREAT photo!! Awww!!!

    (Tom is the same way in traffic, a different person from that you find at home!! haha)

  10. For-tart Says:

    Just wait until you have been with the same person for 24 years. There were some bad years in there, but now we are glad we still have each other. And I agree with Sasha, the road between me and the car ahead of me is mine and mine alone.

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