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July 28, 2009

Ten years in a relationship with one person is an awfully lengthy time, so we commemorated the occasion with a long weekend on the spectacular Oregon coast. On the drive there, I realized something about Sasha: he is simply the nicest person in the world; he will do anything for anybody…except allow you to merge peacefully in front of him in traffic.

Finn loved running freely on the beach, he would just go and go and we did not have to worry about him getting run over by a car. I was concerned with the mighty ocean snatching him up and taking him away, but luckily the sneaker waves did not play any dirty tricks.  The best part was flying our giant Cyclops kite with spinning eye and spinner tail.



We Were Promised Jetpacks

July 22, 2009


July 16, 2009

I had to wonder what the universe was trying to say when one week before we were to host our friend’s baby shower at our house, my whole family got sick, including the cats.  I mean, doing something nice for someone is supposed to warrant you goodness in return, not the 6th plague of Egypt raining down on your household.  Somehow in between fevers and vomit tummy and zero appetite followed by zero sleep, we got the house and yard in well enough shape to safely accommodate a large group just in time for a Saturday afternoon shindig.

Two years ago, I had planned to host my own baby shower, but those plans were dashed when Finn made a dramatically early appearance.  I was going to make a variety of delicious tea sandwiches.  Get it?  BABY sandwiches?  For this shower, however, we decided to make Sliders.  Get it?  BABY burgers?  I bought a whole host of mini buns & fancy condiments, including the much deliberated Baconnaise. I did not think I would like bacon-flavored mayo, but oh lord help me, I do.   The sides, salads & appetizers were provided by our friends and we were off & running.

The pseudo theme for the party was Rubber Duckies.  I had made the party invitations into a duck and simply cut them out & stuffed them into large yellow envelopes.  I was going to use a diaper pattern for the invites & seal them with safety pin stickers, but no one wants a diaper themed shower.  I had ordered the cake asking them to decorate it with the same image as the invitation and I ordered party favors that were chocolate popsicles with the shower info printed on them with sugar ink.  Then I found out the baby mama was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.  Doh!  She requested a Cheesecake, because it has less sugar than a frosted cake and would balance better with her meal, so I ordered her a small one from the Cheesecake factory and adorned it with miniature rubber duckies.  I really wanted to make the cakes myself, but I can either make cakes or host a shower, not both. 


I did not want to overdo the duck theme, so I just had the dinnerware all in yellow with dozens of yellow balloons floating on the ceiling.  I wanted to buy & disperse more yellow flowers, but I ran out of time.  I also made a delicious lemonade punch and froze blue cherries in ice cubes to float in the punch bowl.  I think the only thing that really got messed up in our party planning was the lack of alcohol.  I only bought one case of beer & Sasha only put half of it out at first.  Not sure how booze could have possibly been an oversight, but it was a loud one.

I earned the nickname Julie McCoy after the cruise director on the Love Boat, because I had the party broken down into phases and wanted to knock them down like it was rifle practice.  Food! Cake!  Gifts!  GO!

We happened to luck out on the perfect warm weather with the day starting off without a cloud in the sky.  Had the baby shower been one day later, we would have been screwed as it was pouring rain and stormy come Sunday morning.  I thanked the Universe for that small favor & then said I would forgive it everything else if it just gave me a little thunder & lightening storm while I recuperated from my alcohol-less hangover.  I was granted my wish, which felt very good. 

Please excuse me now, while I go elope with Baconnaise.