Today, the day after I spent 5 hours in the ER with my son, I am leaving for Las Vegas for a girl getaway weekend and will be leaving him for the first time since he was born 20 months and eight days ago.  Talk about mother-guilt complex.  I was going to write a whole post about how daycare called me yesterday and told me that: “Finn is fine, but he fell and needs stitches in his head” and how I rushed him to the doctor who said: “yup, he needs stitches, now take him the ER” and how I almost smacked her for not just telling me to go to the ER on the phone when I called her to tell HER that he needed stitches and can I have my $20 co-pay back please. But I now lost a day of work and I am so swamped trying to catch everything up so I can run and catch my flight to take this trip.  It feels like I had to swim across the ocean in order to get a weekend away, so DAMN! 

 I will say that the ER was not as bad as I thought.  There was a small part of me that almost did not take him because the idea of a toddler in a germ-infested waiting room for many hours sounded closer to one day in hell.  The gouge in his head was not that bad and actually appeared to be the shape of a small lightning bolt, which is cool, but I really don’t want him getting the Harry Potter nickname in grade school.  Plus, if he wished to later pursue a modeling career, I would hate for my decision to allow him to have a little lightning bolt scar on his forehead hinder his career in anyway.  Even though the ER was right next door to the clinic, I decided to go home first and get his stroller so I could make sure he was strapped down and not able to run the halls of the hospital.  I packed a bag full of food and toys and headed to the ER which was in the very same hospital where he was born.  Flashbacks of our time in the NICU filled my head as I parked the car.

 Anyway, they were able to glue the gash shut, so no need for stitches after all, thank god.  After the numbing solution kicked in, they wrapped him up in a sheet like a burrito, held him down and irrigated the wound while he screamed bloody murder.  His screams of: Owie owie echoed the halls.  A bit of glue later and we were on our way.

 Please enjoy documentation of the wound via camera phone: Bandaged (he’s asleep), post bandage, numbing solution on cotton ball I had to distract him from tearing off his head good luck & finally glued shut.



I am off to Las Vegas with my wonderful girlfriend who does not normally DO Vegas, but she knew I needed the R&R.  Think of me this weekend lounging on the fake beach & swimming in the fake river.  Maybe we will even go to the topless pool and say hello to all the fake boobs.

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  1. For-Tart Says:

    Sorry for the tykes boo boo. He looks tough, though.

    Enjoy the getaway! We leave Monday morning, but going to a casino in La. (the state, not LA LA Land). I am afraid there is no topless pools there, alas.

  2. Cat Says:

    I was going to say “Poor Finn”, but poor mummy! Enjoy your time away 🙂

  3. Eleanor Says:

    That first one is always the hardest. Hang in there, mom!

  4. webmiss Says:

    A scar would just give him character! I’m glad that he turned out just fine. Kids. Some days they are enough to give you a heart attack.

  5. Sacha Says:

    Yikes! Have fun in Vegas. You deserve it!

  6. Amanda Says:

    It’s okay, it’s not the most unexpected thing ever, since my dad’s cheated before somewhere in the area of seven times. I just think about how unfair it is to my mom, since she’s probably the sweetest lady I know. That’s pretty brutal about your dad, though… just, man, I don’t even know where to start with that. LOVED the book, thought it was absolutely brilliant and I’m thrilled to have read it. Also, your kid gets cuter everyfreakingtime I see him. Precious.

  7. DD Says:

    I wanted to kiss the owie through my screen. I bet since the time it’s happened, it’s healed quickly. Lucky boogers and their youthful skin.

    Enjoy your trip to Vegas.

  8. betty Says:

    awww poor little sweetie.
    Try not to worry and have fun!!!

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