My friend Jenny wrote a book.  Correction, my friend Jenny created a wonderful graphic novel memoir!  Spot 12 covers five months of her life after the birth of her daughter Asa, who was born with Tracheoesophageal Fistula (T.E.F) and Esophageal Atresia, a malformed esophagus.  This means her esophagus was connected to her trachea so food or milk in the stomach could get into her lungs.  As soon as she was born, Asa needed immediate emergency surgery and was five months old before she was allowed to leave the hospital.

I first learned Jenny was writing the book when my own son was in the NICU after a premature birth.  I was home briefly between hospital visits when I received a phone call from Jenny, my old high school friend, out of the blue.  She knew I was pregnant, but had not heard I had given birth two months early.  She was just somehow compelled to call me.  Hearing from her at that moment put everything into perspective and seemed like a cosmic intervention.  Finn was going to be fine and I could endure a few lousy weeks dealing with the NICU; it was nothing compared to what Jenny had gone through with her beautiful little girl.

I was anxious to get my hands on the book and when it finally arrived in the mail, I immediately began to devour the contents.  I could not put it down until late into the night when I had finally finished the whole thing.  I did have to take long pauses every few moments, however, because each page of the giftedly drawn story moved me to tears.

Jenny’s memoir is both a striking testimony to the love for her daughter and a restorative cleanse of the most challenging and unimaginable time of her life.  The haunting graphics are the perfect companion piece to an astonishing story of love, strength and courage.  It is simply a memorable and tender work of art.



Spot 12 is only $15 plus shipping.  To order, please click here to go to the SPOT 12 Website.

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11 Comments on “SPOT 12”

  1. kathy Says:

    I want 2 copies, but I think I already let JT know. I’m psyched to read it. Go Jenny!

  2. Schuyler Says:

    That is so cool & sounds like a wonderful book! I wanna write a graphic novel, but alas, I have no talent whatsoever.

  3. Cheryl LaDue Says:

    My daughter in law is 4 months pregnant. When there was no stomach bubble present in a sonogram it was suggested that the baby has this condition that your baby has.

  4. cloudy Says:

    Hi Cheryl, I sent you an email to what I am pretty sure was the correct address. If you did not receive it, please email me at: colleenfalling AT gmail DOT com.

    Thank you for your interest in Jenny’s book.

  5. Amanda Says:

    I’d actually really like a copy. I left my email here, shoot me one and we can hammer out details. I love graphic novels and this one in particular sounds right up my alley. That you can vouch for it personally only makes me that much more sure.

  6. Annette Says:

    I would love a copy. I will send you a check. Thanks for letting us know about this book and your lovely friend.

  7. What a fabulous review!

  8. Maizatul Says:

    Nice review. That book sounds interesting, too.

  9. Aimée Says:

    I bought three copies; one for myself, one for a friend and one for the lending library that I have for doula and Birthing From Within clients.

    I read it lying on my back in the grass of my front yard, laughing, crying, absorbing. It’s an incredible story told with sensitivity and arresting honesty.

  10. I’m a NICU nurse and this amazing book just turned up in our unit today. One of our doctors found it and read it immediately cover-to-cover. Then I sneaked it home and just finished it. I want to purchase a copy to make available to any of our parents who might want to read it. I hope all is well with Asa and her family. Jenny’s graphic memoir is very well written. The illustrations are priceless. My own outlook as a NICU nurse has been deeply affected by reading this exquisite book! Thank you.

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