Ritual is the spark that must not go out










Being fat


Being a loser in grade school


Past sexual partners







My son


My dead mother









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12 Comments on “Ritual is the spark that must not go out”

  1. Desirée Says:

    … don’t really know what to say.

    Personally, I couldn’t not write about the self loathing as well as poop (ever present poop!) because it is by writing that I deal with the inner turmoil and outer drama.

    But you know it’s your place and what you put on your shelves and hang on your walls and shove to the back of the cupboard and under the bed never to be seen again is entirely up to you…

  2. For-Tart Says:

    I never talk about the corruption I see every week at work.

  3. Cat Says:

    There’s never too much son or mum.

  4. kathy Says:

    You also never write about my past sexual partners, and for that I am glad.

  5. jumblygiant Says:

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know I was going to start reading (your blog/diary). We have some DL friends in common and I don’t know what has taken me so long to say hi! so, hi!! I still write on DL (if you want the pword, I’d be happy to give it, although it’s boring as shit, truth be told).

  6. Annette Says:

    All good things to write about! And now being a mom you will have many more opportunities to write about poop!!!!

  7. teranika Says:

    Hey, I know what programs are here, and I still come back to watch! 🙂

  8. webmiss Says:

    Some things are better left unsaid. Your son will give you YEARS of things to blog about. The older they get, the more interesting things that happen. My daughter just learned the word “Bitches” thankfully not from me, but it has been thrown around frequently at my house lately. Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

  9. Kim Says:

    Cloudy! You can never write about something TOO often; we will always be here!!

    And how could anyone write too much about poop or sugar? I mean really!!

    🙂 xoxoxox

  10. I love poop posts! LOL

  11. Patti Says:

    poop posts are my favourite…. but I never post about poop on my blog… I don’t know why. I have some pretty good poop stories.

  12. LJ Says:

    You want to talk “Depression” (or not) – what about this stinkin’ weather!!!

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