Here comes a strange cargo

This morning was an experiment in seeing if I could wear all my different hats at once.  I got up extra early, threw some clothes on myself and some on the kid and drove the husband to his oral surgery appointment.  I then drove back home to throw some new clothes onto the kid since his previous outfit was soiled in an accidental diaper explosion.  Run to daycare drop off; run to work; kick ass for a few hours until I get the call that husband is done with surgery & needs a ride home.  I run out of work; pick up hubs; drop him off at home with a nice blanket, pillow and remote control, run back out to the store to buy massive quantities of soft foods that he will be eating for the next six weeks; unload and put away groceries; fix him a smoothie; then run back to work.  I did all this with a good attitude because the sun is out and it is Friday.  It all turned black when upon getting back to the parking garage at work, there were no parking spaces left.  I got into a shouting match with a lady in a giant SUV who parked in a compact space and was blocking my exit. “Your car is too big!” I shouted through my open window. The garage attendant told me to just park in one of the handicapped spaces, which I did with an odd fear of getting caught.  Then I happened to ride up in the elevator with the woman I had just shrieked at only to feel horrible when I see her little daughter was with her.  To more annoyance, my coworker who was covering for me turned off my office light so it would look like I was gone for the day, even though she knew I would be back.  Now I am just letting the sun streaming through my office window soak into my head while I don another hat and write about it for the Internet.


Yelling at the lady in the car park is not really my style.  I am shy and, sometimes to my own detriment, can be on the passive side.  It takes a lot for me to scream at strangers although this is the 3rd time I have done so in 10 days.  Last week I yelled at someone for using the choke chain on their dog too aggressively and last night I yelled at a couple of teenage parents.  They were crossing the street with their baby in one of those flimsy umbrella strollers, when the dad pushed the strolled on ahead of him and let go as it plowed into the curb obviously jarring the youngster.  The dad made a last ditch effort to grab it before it tipped over, but the scene was disturbing, especially seeing the mother have absolutely zero reaction.  I asked if the baby was OK and then yelled at them to be more careful with such fragile cargo.  I glared at them as they walked all the way down the street, with a sense I should call the cops.  The incident was minor, but it gave me a feeling of dread for this poor kid’s future.


As a commuter, I spend a lot of time on the freeway and see something interesting almost everyday.  There is always the lady putting on mascara in her rearview mirror while driving at top speed and once I saw a lady weaving wildly out of control only to see she was brushing her hair.  I see drunk drivers constantly, even at 8:00 in the morning.  This morning, during my first trek into work, a guy behind me changed into my lane a little too close to my rear bumper.  He looked familiar, so I kept looking back to see if I knew him.  Just when I ascertained that I in fact did not know him, another person just randomly changed lanes right into this guy’s car.  No one was hurt, but the traffic was going to start piling up behind them as I zipped along to work, glad to be that much further along.

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3 Comments on “Here comes a strange cargo”

  1. LJ Says:

    I, much like yourself, tend to be a quiet person. However, I, much like yourself, yelled out the window at a fellow driver who was turning into a “Do Not Enter” driveway. I had to pull into the same shopping mall parking lot. The driver hunted me down, and told me how rude I was. I apologized. I guess it didn’t help that I’d called him a “moron” a term I never use.

  2. Kristen Says:

    People in cars get on my nerves so bad, no matter what. They deserve to be yelled at, because when they’re in cars, they aren’t like their real selves. I’ve seen very smart and caring people who drive like complete morons. They need to be jolted back into their own personalities sometimes.

  3. kim Says:

    I am shy about that stuff too, but when it involves the dog or the baby like you saw, oh my god I would glare at them and get so mad too, and probably say something… I’m proud you yelled at them, even the car stuff, what MORONS.

    (Hope your hubby is recovering smoothly!!)

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