When I went to get Finn up this morning, I noticed he was soaking wet, which is an unusual occurrence; his diaper must have sprung a pee leak.  I stripped him of his jammies & diaper, put a blanket over the wet spot in his crib and let him sit in there nude with a bottle of milk.  I figured the sheet was already wet & needed changing, so if he peed some more, no biggie.  I had to get ready for work, so I went into the bathroom to put in my contacts when I heard him make a funny exclamation.  I figured he did pee, but I finished putting in my contacts before investigating.  When I went back into his room, I was flabbergasted by the vision:


He totally pooped in his crib! 


I don’t know why I did not think of this scenario when I let him sit in there diaperless.  It has never happened before, but then it is his custom to do a morning BM, so DUH!   He was standing at the foot of the crib, away from the grossness.  Surprisingly there was very little on him, even his butt.  There was an odd stripe off poo on his belly, a little on his hands and the tiniest dot on his…UPPER LIP!  AAAH!  There was, however, poop smeared all over his crib, sheets, blankets, crib bumper & worst of all gooped all over the full bottle of milk with a disgusting dollop directly on the nipple.  I just threw the whole bottle away.  It was a smelly horror show!  His favorite stuffed sock puppy that he sleeps with somehow escaped the scene of carnage; it appears Finn had tossed him out to safety.


Needless to say, I was late for work for the 3rd straight day in row.


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  1. Beth Says:

    This is what makes kids both a joy and a terror. They always manage to save the “important” stuff, at least.

  2. Eleanor Says:

    Aw, he’s adorable. And babies poop. Lots.

  3. Desirée Says:

    Do you recall my story about poop in the bath – courtesy of my darling daughter – that became poop over the whole floor of the bathroom? Anyways, your experience just gave me flashbacks. Hope you’re all poop-less now. Finn is just gorgeous, by the way. But then, you already knew that. 😉 Been meaning ask you, are you planning to have more babies?

  4. Kim Says:

    Haha, I don’t mean to laugh, it must have been quite horrifying/gross!! (At least the sock puppy escaped!) I’m sorry you were late for work again, but for what an ADORABLE reason — bathing that cute little guy, what a heartbreaker he is!!

  5. Kristen Says:

    Everything must be sanitized with fire now. Gah.

  6. LJ Says:

    Just show work that picture and all will be forgiven!

  7. Hehehe. I don’t think you’d pass the mommy test unless you’ve had to clean up at least one massively poopy crib. LOL

  8. Kevin Says:

    I have this funny mental image of Finn throwing the sock puppy out of the crib crying out (in baby talk) “Save yourself! No, no, it’s too late for me, just save yourself!”

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