We had to drive through a back roads area to get to this particular border crossing.  We were surrounded by farm lands and winding country roads.  A bald eagle flew over us and perched heavily in a tree just as the sun broke from behind the clouds and lit up all the lush grasses.  I pointed out a passing train to Finn and was overcome with a rare feeling of contentment.  I had a small kink in my shoulder, but knew the weekend spent at the Harrison Hot Springs resort would whittle away all my knots and cricks.  They have 5 hot spring pools of varying degrees and I had been looking forward to the birthday getaway for months. 


I am always a little nervous about crossing the border, but it is usually crossing back into the USA when the trouble occurs.  I have never once been asked more than 3 questions by the Canadian border guards and it was going just as smoothly this time around until instead of being told to drive ahead to enjoy our weekend, we were given a yellow slip and told to park and go inside.  Finn and I waited in the car while Sasha went in to get things sorted.  He forgot to roll the window back up and did not leave the keys, so as we waited it got colder and colder and we waited and waited.  I kept seeing other people come and go.  They were clearly going through customs to declare purchases and what not, so I could not figure out what was taking Sasha so long and I could not leave the car and investigate with the window rolled down on our fully packed car.  Finn finally started to protest so much sitting still, so I bundled him up to walk around the car for a stretch. 


Thirty minutes had passed before Sasha came back out and said: “Well, it looks like we are not going to Canada”.  WHAT??  He vaguely explained that there was something popping up on his record that should not be there, but until it got sorted out, he could not enter Canada.  “Well, I am still going!” I practically screamed.  I grabbed Finn and went inside to have the border people better explain to me what was going on and to plead with them not to ruin my birthday.  There had to be something they could do.  “…but it is my birthday!!!” apparently is not a good enough reason to let us in, because they would not budge.  Sasha had a youthful indiscretion on his record from almost 25 years ago that was supposed to be expunged, but for some reason that part was not showing up.  The border recently updated their systems in preparation for the Olympics that will be held in Whistler next year, but the system is no good if the records are not properly updated.  Sasha has been over the Canadian border literally hundreds of times before with no problem, but was suddenly red flagged this particular time.  I do not know why this had to happen on my special weekend and I could not help but be thoroughly upset by the circumstances.  We had to sit for an hour in border traffic just to cross back over the US side of the border and they made us get out of the car and go through the hassle all over again.  Defeated, we started the drive back home, after already spending the entire day in the car with no reward.  I half looked for a hotel with a pool in the local area, but was just not feeling it by this point.  Sasha called his lawyer friend to try and figure this thing out and I still have a kink in my neck.

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15 Comments on “WOKE UP FALLING”

  1. Becky Says:

    Oh, man. I’m so sorry. I had heard of the Canada crackdown, and to see it so dunderheadly in action — OY VEH. I heartily wish you a big fat REDO for your birthday. xoxoxo

  2. Sarah Says:

    Damn! I’m so sorry, cuz. 😦

  3. Eleanor Says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry, what a drag. I hope you managed to salvage something from your birthday weekend.

  4. Sharnee Says:

    That sucks so badly!!! I don’t think I would have handled that as well as you did.

  5. teranika Says:

    I’m really sorry about the border whackos. I hope that you get a reboot that is twice as good.

  6. Desirée Says:

    That SUCKS! I’m so sorry for you!

  7. Megin Says:

    I propose we instate an international law that allows you to go wherever you want with whomever you want and have whatever you want on your birthday, no questions asked.

  8. sbellem Says:

    That totally blows! Ugh…at least you had cake?

  9. sbellem Says:

    That blows Cloudy!!!!

  10. For-Tart Says:

    Fuck! Then I doubt i should ever try to go to Canada. I have several “youthful indiscretions”, I’m from Texas and my truck bumper proclaims PEACE THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER. At least Mexico still loves me.

  11. Kim Says:

    OH NO, that sucks, I’m so sorry Cloudy!! 😦 That is ridiculous; what a terrible day. I hope you were able to make up for it later somehow!! xoxoxox

  12. geekbetty Says:

    what a load of crap. I had no idea they’d keep you out of canada for stuff like that. hmm…I bet they’d keep me out!! fo’ sho’.

  13. Sacha Says:

    Bummer! I’m so sorry your birthday weekend was sabotaged by overzealous Mounties! (doesn’t Mounties sound naughty?)

  14. Kim Says:

    Cloudy! I’ve been reading but for some reason have been blocked at work again from your comments. Anyway, I wanted to say how sorry I am about this, what a SUCKY day, oh that is awful and so stupid. No wonder you were so infuriated!! I hope you were able to celebrate another way, and had fun otherwise, with lots of treats!! xoxoxox

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