And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet

I am not going to do a year-end re-cap of 2008, because nothing happened that compared to the thrill-ride of 2007I will however, give a summary of the month of December, which presented its own set of challenges. 


The month of December was a lesson in dealing with snow, snow and more snow.  Each winter, we might get about an inch of snow that usually is all melted away by the next day.  This year it kept dumping down and piled up in a big, sloppy white mess totaling more than 2 feet and lasted for most of the month.  Maybe that does not sound like that much to you, but you might live in a place that knows how to prepare for such a situation with snow plows at the ready, salt & gravel trucks poised to make the streets safe.  The city of Seattle virtually fell apart.  The streets were thick with compacted, icy snow.  I live in a funny secret neighborhood, which is right off the freeway, but nestled away enough from society that, had Seattle had more than 6 working plows at a time, they would not think to come plow us anyway.  We also live just enough north and just close enough to the convergence zone that we happened to get more snow than most of the city.


Sasha’s Mother & brother were visiting for the holidays from Wisconsin (to escape the winter, haha), and luckily they knew how to drive in the stuff, because I sure did not. I could barely walk in it as I totally did a face plant in the road after slipping on my way to the mailbox.  The good news was that work was canceled for me for almost a week; the bad news was we were virtual prisoners.  We were supposed to go out to a 5 star restaurant for our Christmas dinner, but we could not safely make the drive.  Luckily the in-laws were able to fly out OK.  By the end of it, I was getting pretty stir crazy and once the snow started to melt, I decided to try and drive to the local movie theater to see the Brad Button movie.  The streets were lousy with slush, ice and giant boulders of wadded up frozen snow, so I promptly got stuck.  I had to abandon my car and walk back home making a more-skilled Sasha retrieve the vehicle.  Stubbornly, I tried again the next day and made it!  I lacked the forethought that by the time the film ended it would be dark making the scary streets that much more dangerous and of course I also forgot my cell phone.  Somehow I survived it.




Even though we just hosted Christmas for family we decided to also have a New Years Eve party for our friends.  The yard still had a foot of snow in it, but the streets were finally safe again.  The theme was: “Your Grandma’s New Year’s Eve party”. We donned party hats, served comfort foods and I made Krumkake, a Swedish cookie made with a special iron I received for Christmas. 




We celebrated the East Coast New years and pretended that 9:00pm was midnight, so we could all get to bed at a decent hour.  We toasted to the end of the holiday season and the mass melting of snow turned flood, sang Auld Lang Syne and had one giant group kiss at “midnight”.  Hurrah!

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3 Comments on “And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet”

  1. Cat Says:

    I did not know of this Krumkake, but I must have one. Now.

  2. Becky Says:

    Wow. I’m getting scared about (possibly) driving in snow in a couple weeks. I’m going to have my former-Tahoe-resident nephew show me chains and such.

    I LOVE the idea of Your Grandma’s New’ Year Party. Your treat sounds delicious. If I came, I’d have to bring aspic and this brandy she made from apricots that melted your eyebrows.

  3. madwag Says:

    I need a special iron like that now… I bet you knew that

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