My hope was to get to my office building this morning before 9:00 am Pacific time so I could catch the inauguration on the TV that is in the coffee shop in my office building lobby.  I have TiVo set to record, but that would not be the same.  I had a vision of watching the swearing in with a room full of strangers and then we all embrace and wipe each others tears.  My alarm clock had other plans as it did not go off, so I woke up on the late side.  Then traffic was alarmingly slow as the fog monster continues to terrorize the city.  I was listening to the events on the radio and got to hear the religious guy and then Aretha. I did have tears in my eyes, but they had been there for most of the weekend.  I even cried while watching my recording of Desperate Housewives, even though it was just a filler episode. Just as Biden was getting sworn in, the clock turned to 9:00 am and the radio show I was listening to went off the air.  I was just pulling into the parking garage, so I zipped down the 4 levels to my spot as fast as I could.  I grabbed the gallon of Non-Fat milk I bought for the office kitchen and flew up to my office.  I wanted to turn on my light so my boss would know I was at least in the vicinity.  I then hit the down elevator button fifty times to make the elevator get there faster.  Just as I predicted, there was a large crowd in the coffee shop all facing the large screen TV.  Holy shit, I was exactly on time; I did not miss it.  I scooted in as far as I could to make room for the other late arrivers and exchanged excited smiles.  I dug my finger nail into my palm while repeating my mantra in my mind: Don’t cry, Don’t cry, Don’t cry.  Then Obama choked up and that was it for me, I was spilling tears in a room full of people I did not know.  When the swearing in was complete, there was no group hug, but the room erupted in applause and that was good enough for me.



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  1. kathy Says:

    Big hugs from me!

  2. Becky Says:

    Yaaaaay! Obama! Obama! Coworkers and I snagged a spot in an auditorium on campus while the CNN feed was projected. Nothing like being in a sea of hundreds of adorable, hopeful college students to lend an extra festive air to things. We actually got up and *stood* during the swearing in.

    During Biden’s oath, the physicist on my left said “I kind of am hoping a trap door will open up under Cheney right now.”

    I’m listening to the parade right now while trying to work. Tubas! Obama! Celebration pound cake on the filing cabinet for everybody! YAAAAAY!

  3. webmiss Says:

    How cool. So glad that you didn’t miss it!

  4. Kim Says:

    I totally cried too; it was amazing!!!

  5. urbancadence Says:

    Best… Day… EVER!!!

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