I had every intention of posting something by now, but I got a nasty assty mother fucked up virus on my work computer last week.  It was so bad it literally ate my entire hard drive in one giant, crunchy bite, leaving only a useless keyboard dangling from it’s mighty, slobbering jaws.  It has truly thrown me off kilter and nothing will be the same again.  The company is currently building me a new computer, so I am basically bouncing around to any available office trying to get work done and it sucks.  I am hopeful life will normalize soon and I will be back to regale you with fascinating stories about the weather, but until then I hope this old photo of me & my friend, J, will tied you over:



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12 Comments on “HACKERS SUCK”

  1. Miss Hiss Says:

    Now that’s something you don’t see every day. Love, R xxx

  2. madwag Says:

    poor you…that sucks. great pic :op

  3. Becky Says:

    boo viruses yay boobs! PS, “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” always lends some welcome surrealism to the proceedings! Happy new year!

  4. LJ Says:

    A vision I did not ask for.

  5. sarabellem Says:

    My mind is officially blown!

  6. webmiss Says:

    so, are they real? hehe

    That stinks about the virus, hopefully you can get a new computer soon. Happy New Year!

  7. JackET Says:


  8. Kim Says:

    are you testing them out or something…? hahaha.

    (hope you get that new computer soon! what a pain.)

  9. teranika Says:

    Now you should really have a caption contest for that one.

  10. Annette Says:

    Don’t squeeze the Charmin!

  11. wyatt Says:

    I hate viruses too, both kinds. Very neat pic. Is that you? Cute beachy-grab-the peaches pic.

  12. NK Says:

    Virus? Or spyware? Make sure you have anitvirus AND antispyware software on the computer and run it all the time. When the kids started using myspace, a spyware program shut down all three computers in the house in one day. That’s the day I learned the difference between antivirus software (which I had) and antispyware software (yeah, not present). Microsoft makes a freebie software that does the trick: Windows Defender.

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