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7 Comments on “MERRY XMAS”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    Isn’t Christmas all about giving? Gimme! Gimme!

  2. webmiss Says:

    Merry Christmas, Cloudy! I have plenty of reading to do to catch up over the last couple of months, you’ve been busy!

  3. Andria Says:

    I think I’ve gone cross-eyed trying to look at both nipples at once.

  4. Sharnee Says:

    Oh la la!

    Merry Christmas! xxx

  5. Kim Says:

    Oh my!! That has made my day, here at the gloomy office!!

    Hope you and all had a lovely holiday week!!


  6. Cat Says:

    Hey there, happy holidays to you and yours! I just told my son your reaction to my “Son” installment and he groaned lol He has to hear that story every birthday.

    You didn’t say if you wanted a letter, but if so, “T” is all yours.

  7. LJ Says:

    Merry Ho Ho and Happy 2009 Ms. Cloudy! Can’t wait to continue reading in 2009! Hugs, – LJ

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