It has never been so cold nor have I seen this much snow here since I have lived in Seattle proper for the last 13 years.  We got many inches of snow and ice over the last few days and the city has gone into a tail spin as a result.  I took a snow day on Thursday, but out of some sick form of obligation to get my end of the week stuff done at work, I skidded my way on downtown.  I left a little early before the darkness fell to avoid extra icy side streets on getting home, but encountered some terrible traffic.  I was wondering what could possibly make usually bad traffic so much worse when I suddenly see a bus hanging off the overpass over the freeway below with another bus smashed up against it and the guardrail.  I tried to take a picture with my phone, but I was too jittery.




Here is a better shot from the Seattle Times. 



Seattle is just not used to this kind of weather, but we better man up quickly because another snow storm is on the way today, but this time it is bringing with it some hurricane strength wind.  I thought Obama was going to save us all.  I guess we have to wait until January 20th.  Hope we make it that long.


In better news:  One of my favorite people & blogger, Becky Hambox has made the coolest advent calendar, made that much cooler by the fact that I am featured today.  Please check out her whole month (especially the 20th!) and be sure to keep checking all the way up to the big Xmas day.





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5 Comments on “THE SUCK”

  1. Dan Says:

    Wow. Stay careful out there – I wouldn’t want to be driving without snow tires in the middle of a city of people who have no practice driving in the snow. And keep both hands on the wheel, yo – Finn needs you to get home safe more than we need first-hand photographic evidence of bizarre bus incidents! (apologies, I guess I’m in surrogate parental mode today)

  2. Acorn Says:

    I saw that bus picture in the news, you were there!?! That must have been so scary! Ok, I’m going to go check out the advent calendar, now…

  3. madwag Says:

    oh man… I would have pooed my pants if I was in that bus… and maybe peed as well.

  4. chris Says:

    Wow indeed, Seattle. I’m actually a friend of BECKY’S and just saw your advent post. Hooray! THe Pilkington Xmas clip reminded me of how my parent’s always got me the knock off version of EVERYTHING! I didn’t get Atari, I indeed got the Tandy version of video game with poor interface and crap games. I didn’t get a Sony Walkman, I got some dinosaur of a thing that weighed two pounds and had to be worn with a strap over my shoulder. I could go on, but I too have resolved to TRY to think merry thoughts this year. Good luck in the new year.
    P.S.- Santa’s lap is overrated! His pig is much more child friendly.

  5. Kim Says:

    I have been hearing/seeing all about it on the news; I hope you are not trapped inside, but the roads seem so dangerous!! I can’t believe that photo of the accident while you were driving!!! I cannot stand the cold; you poor thing! Take care & stay warm sweet Cloudy!!!

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