I am back from fishing, which was actually a euphemism for traveling to the Midwest to visit the in-laws and being 100% overwhelmed with the holiday season. 


I do not recommend traveling with a toddler, but if you have to do it, try to fly during the off season so the odds are high the plane wont be overly full and you can hang the baby over the seat in front of you without annoying every person around you.


Wisconsin did not disappoint; we were given the gift of lovely falling snow that swirled around in the wind like glitter.  The red Cardinals and the fat Blue Jays frolicking in the snow flakes was a joyous site.  We avoided the bitter cold as much as possible by staying firmly indoors and dutifully eating a lot of cheese.  When we did go out, we put on layers of clothes and bundled up to the hilt.  


bird33 bird21 cheese1 snowangel2



Since Sasha & I have been together, this is the elevendieth time I have been to Wisconsin.  I have only been there once in the summer because I hate the heat, but that summer trip was actually my favorite.  We stayed in an area called the Coulee Region, which had green rolling hills filled with wild bunnies.  We slept outside in a tent during the most spectacular thunder storm.  The next day was perfectly sunny and we canoed down the black river.


The very first time I went there with Sasha was barley two months after we met.  I have mainly only been on the West coast and the East coast, so a trip to the middle of the country was exciting for me.  I had never seen such flat land and made our travel group pull over so I could get a picture of us in the corn fields.  We went to a wedding in jeans and stayed in an RV, another thing I had never done, and it was so fun.  When we drove down the desolate roads at night, we drove down the center of the road and tried desperately not to run over the hundreds of leaping bullfrogs.


 As much as I have enjoyed my visits during every season, including the spectacularly colorful fall, I feel like the only places I get to travel to these days are to Wisconsin to see Sasha’s family or to California to see my family.  I think we need to start visiting family in a place that is new to all of us.  Like, let’s all meet in Bermuda for Christmas!

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5 Comments on “SNOWED”

  1. Mindy Says:

    If you ever want to see Amish country, you could visit some of your “internet family” and come out here to Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

  2. Cloudy Says:

    I actually would really like that, M.

  3. JackET Says:

    Welcome back!

  4. LJ Says:

    I’m with ya on the Bermuda idea. I’d settle with the Carribean ….Hawaii …. Fiji …. just about any place that doesn’t get snow, and more certainly have temperatures that drop below 75 degrees F. and must include sandy beaches!!!

  5. Kim Says:

    I would just DIE to be able to meet you, and all my Internet friends, in Bermuda or someplace, some day, that would be so dreamy!!

    Glad you had fun, and the flight went smoothly!! I know from what friends have told me how painful it can be with a baby on a too-full flight… It sounded like a beautiful trip…

    Welcome home!! And happy holidays!!

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