Rearranging my sock drawer?

A good snack tip?

My bad luck?

The best thing I ever bought?

My history with Porn?




Well, I did a poll about what I should write about, and by an overwhelming margin My History with Porn won the vote, so that is in fact what I wrote about. Maybe people were expecting something else, because aside from my two home girls and my cousin, no one else has had much to say about the post.  I was not actually kidding about the other topics, so since I did get a vote for OTHER: ALL OF THE ABOVE, I think I will expound upon the other topic choices.


In the interest of keeping my life as simple as possible, I only buy black socks.  This is supposed to make it easy to just grab a pair fresh from the wash, because each sock is the same color, so I do not have to go searching for two socks that match.  This is good in theory, but since I rarely bought the same brand twice, there was a myriad of shapes, sizes and textures.  I basically had a drawer full of non-matching black socks, and it was starting to make me crazy.  I decided to throw out all of my old socks and start over with a 12 pack that all looked exactly the same.  I did not plan on getting hung up on socks that somehow held sentimental meaning.  A special gift from a friend, the pair my friend lent me when I was in the hospital for a week with no pedicure, the pair I got the day my son was born and a few pair that were my mother’s that I cannot possible throw away.  Oh My God, I am a horrible sap.


Edamame is the perfect snack; a tasty source of good protein that qualify as a vegetable serving. I already knew this in the context of home, but now I figured out I can easily have them at work, too.  Costco sells a giant box of about 12 pre-portioned packs of the soy beans that you can just throw in the microwave for a minute and viola!  I used to coat them with a healthy dose of sea salt, but in an experiment I learned they are still delicious without added sodium!  Dang, I wish I had some right now.


Along with the rest of my immediate family members, I have very poor luck.  We think that my paternal grandfather may have been cursed and the curse was passed down to his descendants.  He participated in hundreds of professional séances, so it is possible.  My bad luck shows itself in run-of-the-mill Murphy’s Law ways like always being in the slow line, but constantly having things go wrong is a very frustrating and daily occurrence.  I started typing a list, but it makes me look like more of a dumb ass than someone with a bad luck curse, but I swear no matter how much pre-planning I do, 9 times out of 10, something will go awry.


The best thing I ever bought was my Christmas present to myself last year: a Canon color photo printer with scanner.  My friend Aimee had one and used it to send out her holiday photo card and I was amazed at the professional quality.  It took me a long time to switch from a regular film camera to digital, because the problem of transferring your digital photo to a hard copy.  Sure, it is easy as pie to just send the digital version to Snapfish or another company to print and mail to you for a nominal fee, or send them directly to a drug store photo developer and pick them up, but I just never did this, so my photos would remain suspended in air.  Now, I can take a picture of a family member holding my son and have it blown up, printed and framed for them within minutes.  My thank you notes are now always accompanied by a photo of the gift item in use.  I took photos at a friend’s wedding and had choice ones framed for them before they left on their honeymoon. I can scan in old family photos and print out special copies for everyone in different sizes.  A year later it is still my favorite material item.  It also saves the embarrassment of having your naked photos printed by a stranger.

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5 Comments on “ALL OF THE ABOVE”

  1. Sharnee Says:

    I hear you on the sock front. I try and keep them together, hang them on the line together but Stef haphazardly pulls them off the line and ignores their pair, thus undoing my hard work! It’s very frustrating but obviously I have a sock control issue.

    I loved the porn entry btw! It’s not what I was expecting — but that’s a good thing (I think)!

  2. Miss Hiss Says:

    I like to think of the people who print off the naked photos of us as “friends we haven’t met”, not strangers. I also like to think that they feel the same way about us. Love, R xxx

  3. madwag Says:

    I have a sock fetish…… seriously….

  4. Eleanor Says:

    I love edemame! But I think that not enough people do because the two stores that stocked it do so no longer, and I can’t find it anywhere. Wah!

  5. Kim Says:

    Oh my god, I love edamame too!!

    And: I only buy GRAY socks… it works as well!

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