And sail on shooting stars

How I will make sure that my mom is a part of my son’s life, even though she is not physically here:


I will make sure that these phrases are a part of my daily lexicon: RISE AND SHINE!  CHOP CHOP! ARE YOU READY, FREDDY?


I will always sing the oldies while making dinner.


Once a year every autumn we will watch the movie: “The Wizard of Oz”.


I won’t make him watch the soap “As the World Turns” with me, but he will be well aware of the matriarch of the show, Lucinda Walsh.


I will take a picture of him every year on the first day of school.


I will take a picture of him with the first snow fall of each year.


I will try to duplicate her recipe for Minestrone soup, especially on blustery days.


Every so often we will have breakfast for dinner.


I will cry with him during Bambi.


I will take him to see movies in the theater similar to Star Wars, The Breakfast Club & Moulin Rouge.


I will give him quarters for the gumball machine.


We will go to the lake every summer, to the mountains every winter.


I will let him decorate his room however he wants.


I will never spank him.


I will let him snuggle under the covers with me if he is scared.


Ice Cream Cake on his 8th birthday!


I will always let him have his friends over.


Cartoons will be encouraged.


I will insist he learn the importance of writing Thank You Notes.


I will let him choose his own life path and support him in whatever way I can.


I will slip him some secret cash when he comes home from college for a visit.


I will always tell him I love him and that Grandma is watching over.



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8 Comments on “And sail on shooting stars”

  1. Sillycakes Says:

    That is beautiful. 🙂

  2. Eleanor Says:

    That was just lovely. Thank you.

  3. DD Says:

    So many things here I grumble about. You have put it into perspective for me.

    Thank you so much.

  4. Miss Hiss Says:

    Now you’ve made me cry, you bitch. Love, R xxx

  5. hambox Says:

    Do you ever do or say something that’s just like your mom? It’s like she gets a hold of my body for a split second and I say “HELL-o cupcakey!” or “Criminy!” just like her, then she goes again. My sister A will square her shoulders and walk in this cheerful way that’s just like mom, and A has no idea. It’s like little visits!

    You have one lucky son.

  6. teranika Says:

    That was wonderful. As I read it, I had a flashback to my mother driving in a car with us kids, and crying as she told us what our granddaddy was like.

  7. Sharnee Says:

    That is awesome and very sweet!
    I’m sure there are a hundred more tiny characteristics of hers that are going to pop out of you like tiny sparks and you won’t even realise!

  8. LJ Says:

    Lovely, simply lovely. You make me want to cry.

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