The daycare lady forgot I needed to drop Finn off a bit early today in order to get to my doctor appointment on time.  So there I was, banging on her locked door from 7:33am – 7:40am.  She finally answered with her face covered in soap, so I threw the baby at her and then dashed off quick as a bunny.  I only had 20 minutes to fight the nasty-ass traffic with a few minutes allotted for getting lost.  I found rock star parking in front of the clinic and made it exactly on time. When I was walking to the front door of the office, I was puzzled by a weird feeling on my legs, and then I remembered that I got up extra early to shave off my leg hairs to be more presentable for the examination.  Pant cuffs rubbing on hairless legs is an unusual sensation for me, especially this close to winter.


The nurse took my blood pressure right away: 122 over 80.  ROCK! But then I had to wait an eternity for the physician.  I had not seen my doctor in so long, he had no idea I had been pregnant, let alone had a 14 month old baby.  I had been seeing an OB behind his back.  It was time for my annual physical, plus I wanted to see if we could find out why I have been sick constantly; each month picking up a new virus, despite waging such a good fight against germs.  He said he would take blood for tests, but that it was probably just bad luck.


He left me alone to get undressed and put on the funny hospital gown.  I never had to wear a gown at my OB’s office; I would just take off my pants and viola, so I forgot if you wear the gown front ways or back ways.  I put it on front ways because that made more sense for the breast exam, but from the look on the docs face, my thinking had been faulty.


The pelvic exam was quick and painless.  The flu shot was quick, but hurt a smidge and the blood draw went lickety split (go veins, GO!) but the lab tech was a little stabby with her needle, so that hurt more than it should have.


Now I just have to wait forever for the test results.


Since I am not feeling well, I thought twice about coming into work or going straight home to flop on the couch with a bottle of Nyquil.  I decided to tough it out and come to work only to be met with a 5 star crisis day.  The sparkly kitty Band-aids I got for the blood draw do help a little.

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4 Comments on “DOCTOR DOCTOR”

  1. Violet Says:

    Sparkles have magic healing powers! Here, I will send you some extra vibes, as well, HEALING vibes ~!~!~!~ Did you get them?


  2. Sillycakes Says:

    Sparkles DO heal. I think I read that in the New England Journal of Medicine somewhere.

  3. Eleanor Says:

    Aw. How come I never get sparkly bandaids? It’s not fair!

  4. Kim Says:

    Darlin!! Have you heard the test results yet..? I’m so sorry you haven’t been feeling well… I’m just now able to catch-up and I feel so bad. Hope you are doing ok!!!

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