At the time, Sasha & I had been together for 4 years and 10 months.  I am not sure why it mattered to me, but I wanted us to get married and particularly liked the idea of the wedding falling on the 5th year anniversary of the day we met, which just happened to be a Saturday.  I know I should have brought up the idea sooner, but I am a ridiculous romantic at heart and did not want to ruin any potential plans he might have to make a grand gesture and propose.  The trip to Hawaii, the lighthouse on Valentines Day, the romantic day on the beach: These are a few of the perfect opportunities that came and went, even after some coaxing by third parties, so I decided to take the matters into my own bare hand.


We had plans to go to dinner at our favorite restaurant near our house, so my plan was to get a dialogue going about our future together with my big opener: “So, how do you feel about marriage?”  We had a couple drinks to start and I began to get nervous and jittery.  What if this did not go well? We had recently bought a house together, so I figured the odds were in my favor, but it was still a big step.  We talked casually over the entrée while I decided to save my question for the dessert portion of our meal, but suddenly he said he would prefer to take our desserts to go.  I tried to bring up the subject before the check came, but it just did not feel right.  Finally on our way back to the car, I just did not want to put it off any longer, so right there in the parking lot I popped my question.  I gave him a sideways glance, swallowed my nerves and said: “So, how do you feel about marriage?”  His head whipped over to look at me as he blurted: “Oh My God!”  Just then he got down on one knee right there on the asphalt and from his pocket produced a ring!  I started to scream: “WHAT?!”  He said he was planning on putting the ring in my dessert when we got home, so if I just waited 5 more minutes, I would have had my big romantic gesture.  I had to settle for a funny story to tell.  At least he agreed to my plan to fly to Vegas two months later to get married on our 5 year anniversary and then to an encore performance in front of our friends and family one year after that.  We are now approaching our 5 & 10 year anniversary, have the best kid on the planet and our favorite neighborhood restaurant always has a special place for us in the parking lot!

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12 Comments on “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

  1. hambox Says:

    That is adorable and romantic. Siiiigh.

  2. sillycakes Says:

    That is Just. Too. Sweet. 🙂

  3. beanie Says:

    awww that’s sweet. What were you having for dessert? Was it chocolate????

  4. Mindy Says:

    Aha! NOW I see why you thought that the Ry guy and I should get married on February 22!…(which may secretly happen!)

    You and me, we’re lucky ladies.

  5. Eleanor Says:

    That is so incredibly sweet! Congratulations!

  6. urbancadence Says:

    Awwww!!!! Hahaha! You should tell that story to Finn someday when you wanna teach him about patience being a virtue ;-P Damn, you should’ve waited till you went home, I bet you would have become one slobbery mess of (happy) tears!!! Still… it’s a great story nonetheless :’-) *Sniff*

  7. Desirée Says:

    Awww:) Can’t believe you guys have been together that long and are still so happy!Congratulations. 10 years – that’s aaaaaages! How fab is that!?

    – On Christmas day it’ll be 5 years since I met my husband – and 2½ years since we married. Arthur was born on the day Adam asked me out on our first date – well, on the day 4 years later, of course. Who’d have known, eh!

  8. LJ Says:

    Make no mistake – there are no carpet public bathrooms in Disney World. It is very much worth the effort to visit. Just make sure to take a pair of those slip on swim shoes. Mine were sitting in my closet at home, but then again, if I’d remembered to take them – I wouldn’t have had that story to tell. 🙂

  9. LJ Says:

    P.S. Happy Anniversary and the food looks great too!

  10. madwag Says:

    that is really cool…. I asked my hubby to marry me…. I said “When your divorce is final you are going to marry me.” He said, “Okay”

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