The great and wise Violet from the auspicious Spark and Foam took pity on all the poor people trying to post everyday in November because Eden Kennedy told us to and offered up a list of blog posting ideas.  Since I am already brain dry, I will go ahead and do her version of a meme (does that stand for Me Me?  It should).  Thank you, Ms. White!





  1. Steve McQueen was so great. Tell how he influenced your judgment and/or wardrobe.


When alone on the street, I always make sure I walk exactly like Steve’s self-possessed swagger and keep an expression just like his hard, narrow eyed grimace to ensure that nobody fucks with me, and it totally works; nobody even looks at me sideways! 



  1. David Cassidy has been quoted as saying (and here, I paraphrase what I just said was a quote) that on “The Partidge Family,” he may have played “I Think I Love You” and other lame songs, but that between takes, he was playing Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” and other hipness anthems. Is there a time in your own life when you have unconvincingly defended yourself against accusations of lameness? Explore that, and try again to convince your audience that you are secretly cool.


I am pretty sure I did not convince anyone that I protect myself from street violence by channeling Steve McQueen.  The real reason no one messes with me is that I look a little too much like Carrot Top which instantly freezes the souls of passersby.



  1. Spotlight on: Qatar! There are a lot of issues over there. Discuss.


Qatar has undergone a period of liberalization and modernization during the reign of the current Emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, who came to power in 1995. Under his rule, Qatar became the first Arab country in the Persian Gulf where women gained the right to vote as well as holding senior positions in government. Also, women can dress mostly as they please in public (although in practice local Qatari women generally don the black abaya). Before the liberalization, it was taboo for men to wear shorts in public.



  1. You can push a button and instantly get free shoes for life from the designer of your choice, but you have to wear only those shoes. Who will you pick, and what are the consequences if that designer falls out of fashion or his business fails? Is there a prejudice against the improperly shod in our society?


I pick Converse, because not once in their 100 years on this planet have they gone out of style.  My friend bought a tiny little pair for my baby and to see him wearing them your heart actually glows. 



  1. Imagine you are writing from 1,500 years in the future. Tell us how awesome it is even though bread costs $45,000,0000 a slice.


The year 3,508 is pretty awesome.  The planet has almost completely recovered from the Human Period since we died out after asphyxiating on our own hubris.  The animals live in peace and harmony.  There is no more pollution or Reality TV.



  1. Has anyone else noticed that Paris Hilton is turning into Morgan Fairchild? Find other humorous celebrity comparisons and list them, with photographic evidence. (Refer to SPY Magazine, 1993 for examples.)


Jennifer Lopez looks like a Meter made.  Sharon Stone looks like she is ready to catch a salmon and Sarah Palin looks a lot like that chick from 30 Rock.


Jennifer Lopezjennifer_lopez    GYI0050892504.jpgsharon21    palinpalin2



  1. Talk about a time someone dissed you on public transportation.


The bus was crowded and I had to stand up holding one of the metal railings with one arm when a dude who was sat squarely in front of me totally said I had a fat butt.  I had to continue to stand in front of him for 20 more minutes staring straight ahead.



  1. Thesis: Some People Keep A Blog Just To Get Attention, But I Am Different.


At this point I am just running on the fumes.  Keep the comments coming, people.  Love ya!  Kiss ya!



  1. Describe a dream you supposedly had last night, with special emphasis on sexy vampires and/or your rock-star crush. Using compelling detail, try to elicit a cyber booty call in the comments.


To be honest, in my dream last night I was being attacked by an entity.  He was completely invisible.  He had my arms behind my back and was pushing me to my doom and I was completely terrified.  I tried to scream for help, but just halted breathing sounds escaped my lips.  I woke up hyperventilating.  Scary ghost cyber booty call anyone?



  1. List the thoughtful luxurious gifts your beloved has bestowed upon you, but remain coy about the accompanying notes (some things are just too personal). Imply a variety of reasons that you deserve such devotion and material wealth. Bonus points for understated mention of the ballroom, butler’s pantry, or polo grounds of the house in which you grew up.


One time my husband gave me a diamond ring and a kiss in the golf course picnic area in front of all of our loved ones.  I deserve it because I am a planner!



  1. Reflections On Caramel


Caramel is the sticky brown wad of the gods.



  1. OMG NaBloPoMo is liek SO HARD OMGOMGOMG!!!1 Discuss.


OMG, I might give up!

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3 Comments on “SPARK AND FOAM MEME”

  1. Violet Says:

    Good job, miss! Although I was kind of thinking you could space out your answers, like one a day for the next fourteen days. But whatever makes you happy, makes me happy. (Within reason, you understand.)


  2. hambox Says:

    Wow. That is impressive, the completion of the Spark and Foam meme!

    And don’t give up! {clap clap, clap-clap-clap!}
    Don’t! Give! Up! {clap clap, clap-clap-clap!}

  3. Kim Says:

    OMG, I am in the middle of a pitiful attempt at tackling Violet’s meme myself… But not doing very well at it, let alone do I know how I could ever top your speedy & insightful answers!!

    I bow down to you, Carrot Top! 🙂

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