On Sunday writing about Saturday

Yesterday meant going out to a fabulous breakfast (Baby boy Finn ordered waffles & fresh peaches and was a perfect gentleman) followed by a trip to Costco.  Sasha had Finn in the shopping cart and was wandering around aimlessly while I would run ahead to grab the things on the list and then try to find the boys again to dump off each item into the cart.  Each time they would disappear and it would take me several minutes and trips up and down the aisle to find them again.  It was Saturday so a big day for the free tasters.  Every aisle had an older female employee with a tray of sausages, cups of juice, dips & crackers.  I never partake of the freebies, but I am not sure why.  Finn did great and did not get fussy, but by the end of it you could smell his full diaper from 3 aisles away.


 After some time at home, I realized I had not posted anything yet so I rushed to get that done.  You see, I am trying to post everyday in November as part of this thing I keep forgetting the name of, so I call it NAMBLA (it is actually: NaBloPoMo which stands for National Blog Posting Month).  Posting everyday for 30 days basically means a lot of mediocrity, at least on my part.  But that is nothing new, at least on my part.  Anyway, after I finished posting, I realized I had the wrong time zone embedded on my Word Press site, so yesterdays post actually posted on today’s date and messed me all up, because it looks like I posted twice on 11/4 and not at all on 11/6 meaning that even though I have been successful at posting everyday, it does not appear that way and I don’t know how to fix it.  The worst part is that I am not sure why I care!


After dinner and getting the baby fed and settled, I was excited, because the film ‘Singles’ was on TV and Sasha had never seen it before.  Singles is a Cameron Crowe film from 1992 that was filmed in an apartment complex in Seattle near where I had lived for awhile.  Sasha stayed awake long enough to see a shot of the apartment and then disappointingly fell asleep on the couch, so I started watching some recorded episodes of CSI instead.


I left Sasha on the couch as I went off to bed to try and finish my book.  I am reading a long work of fiction that I mostly like, but wanted to hurry and get through it to get to the pile of Memoirs that I recently bought.  The book had me up past midnight and then I fell asleep with both cats lying on top of me, one on my torso the other stretched across my legs.  I was abruptly awakened when one of the cats jumped the other one and lots screaming and hissing commenced from both them and me.  I finally fell back asleep and then was soon woken up again by screaming of another nature: Finn was crying in his crib.  I rolled out of bed and went to the hallway when I saw Sasha at the other end of the hallway, the baby’s room between us.  We stood frozen staring at each other like a Western Showdown and I lost.  Sasha retreated back to the couch and I made it to the baby’s room to calm him down. I was a little annoyed because Sasha had already been asleep for 5 hours and I had only just got there. Before I ever go into the baby’s room if he is crying in the middle of the night, I first take a side trip to the bathroom.  I learned the hard way that if you have to pee and the baby won’t go down right away, there is trouble to be had.


The rest of the night was uneventful and the morning meant singing in my best Opera voice to Finn while he ate banana and Crispix cereal and sang right along with me.

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4 Comments on “On Sunday writing about Saturday”

  1. hambox Says:

    I like this entry, I could see a short film, esp. some “Good Bad and Ugly” soundtrack at the showdown moment.

    I’m not sure about a WP-hosted blog, but you can change the date of the post if you un-publish your post, click “Edit” (under Publish status), change the date, then re-publish.

    It’s important that you get credit for blogging every day because.. um. Oh, there are prizes! I won a blog makeover last year!

  2. Cloudy Says:

    Yeah, HB, that fixed my date issue. Cool! That is a neat trick that I will only use for good. Thank you thank you.

  3. Eleanor Says:

    How unfortunate. I didn’t even know about NaBloPoMo and November was ruined before it started. Sigh.

  4. Kim Says:

    I think I might have watched Singles on the same channel, but probably different time-zone… I remember it being on cable and I thought about how long since I saw that movie, and how many times I must have watched it when it came out!! Such a guilty-pleasure. I always wanted to live in that particular apartment building…

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