Psychic landscape



In October 2003, my husband and I were enjoying our vacation in Hawaii that I had actually won at my company holiday party the year before.  It was nighttime and we were walking back to our beachside hotel after dinner.  I saw a lovely lady in a flowing golden dress sitting in a chair on the sidewalk with a sign that said: Psychic Readings.  I was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to talk with her; I had never received a real reading before but was completely drawn to this woman.  Sasha balked at the idea and said he would meet me back at the room.  I circled back and sat cheerfully in the small seat across from her.  I smiled excitedly at her and asked her how much it was.  She said with a look of “if you catch my drift” that it was whatever I would like to gift her.  Then she took one look into my bright, expectant eyes and said: “I see thousands of tears”, and I instantly started sobbing right there on the public sidewalk of Waikiki.  I quickly broke the number one rule of Psychic readings and gave her information by blurting out that my Mother had just died 4 months earlier. She told me that my mother was with me and that I would absolutely see her again.  I sobbed some more and then she told me I would be coming into a large sum of money in about 9 months.  When the reading was over, I actually gave her a big hug along with a $10 spot.  She looked extremely disappointed by the amount I chose to gift her, but hey, my future windfall had not rolled in just yet.


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7 Comments on “Psychic landscape”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    I’d love to get a peek at the rest of her wardrobe.

  2. Becky Says:

    And did the windfall roll in? Cause if it did, your hillbilly “cousin” from Ventura is a-comin’ to live, ooweeeee!

  3. Sharnee Says:

    I’ve always wanted to see what a psychic would tell me…. but also been too chicken to ever visit one. If the psychic was really that good then she would have seen you were going to give her $10 so she should blame herself.

  4. madwag Says:

    I agree with Sharnee… lol…. I would have thought that $5.00 would have been enough…lol…

  5. pantrypuff Says:

    So what happened??? Any big money?

  6. LJ Says:

    And ….
    there’s more to the story than you’re telling us.

  7. Cloudy Says:

    Exactly 9 months later I did get a new job that paid me double what my old job paid, so maybe she was right…

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