One year old. 

With dog, Happy, before he ran away.


Two years old. 

I remember finding a bunch of roly poly bugs under that big rock.img_new

Next to the toy chest my dad was making in our new home where he lives to this day.


¡Ay, caramba!


3 years old. 

We always celebrated Christmas at my Grandparents house in San Francisco.


With my brother and sister in our Easter Sunday best.


4 years old.

My sister recently found that fur hat and brought it to me as a surprise.  It does not look near as cute on me now.


5 years old.

At Kindergarten.  I wish I still had those shoes!


At a Mardi gras celebration.  My Mom made me that cowgirl outfit.


Snow bunnies at Lake Tahoe.


6 years old.

My brother & I were cutting down a Douglas Fir to be our Christmas tree.


8 years old.

With my twin cousin as Queen Colleen and King Kevin!


First communion.  Funny they have you dress as a bride.  Was I marrying Jesus?


Honk shoo honk shoo honk shoo


9 years old.

Super Girl!


Halloween. I was Rocky Balboa.  YEAH!


After a day at the fair with my best friend Jennifer Peaslee.  What ever happened to her?


Why are we in an inflatable boat in the living room and why does my Mom have a baseball bat?  I may never know.


10 years old.



11 years old.

My brother just bought that truck, the second he turned 16 years old.  He brought flowers to my Grandma and I am holding my best friend, our dog Gus. 


16 years old.

My Mom & me at the Grand canyon.  Yes, I had a mullet pretty much all through high school.  That jacket used to have suede fringe on it like a country star, but I cut it off.


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12 Comments on “PICTURES OF ME”

  1. beanie Says:

    I used to have a fur hat like that one too! It was nice!!

  2. Becky Says:

    Best pictures ever. And the cojones to be Rocky! I’m in awe.

  3. Sarah Says:

    One word: motherlickin’ epic.

    And yes. That’s one word.

  4. Becky Says:

    It is amazing how much of our “youth” seemed to overlap. From the area to the hair mullet!! 🙂

  5. Desirée Says:

    That was amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    – and thank you so, so much for the well wishes and words of encouragement to Plume.

  6. DD Says:

    Those? Those pictures are AWESOME! The crazy quilt overalls do kind of make me seize, though. Ditto on the fuzzy hat. I would smack my little sister with the pom-pom ends. And really, who didn’t have a mullet in the ’80s?

  7. Kevin Says:

    I’m stealing the one I’m in for Facebook! 😉

  8. LJ Says:

    OH My Lanta! But you were a cutie. Thanks for sharing the walk down memory lane of fashion too.

  9. Mindy Says:

    I love the Duran Duran mullet!

  10. madwag Says:

    I had the mullet too… the Rocky costume is the best ever… I love it.

  11. pantrypuff Says:

    You look so happy that it makes ME happy.

  12. eliashuckleberry Says:

    I see Finn in there!

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