Last week my husband turned 40.  Oh my lord, how did we get so old?  He is a sweet soul that deserved a big to-do.  I wanted to throw a super huge, fancy surprise party, but being financially and emotionally broke, I had to opt for plan B: a small party on a whale watching boat.  He had been yammering for months about wanting to go whale watching this time of year because there are so many different kinds in the area.  I secretly booked a weekend away with a full day out on a boat. I told him about it a few days before so he could be sure to pack warm, but the surprise part was that he did not know that a group of our good friends were going to show up at the boat doc with balloons, cupcakes & good wishes for the milestone event. 


I was a nervous wreck most of the week before trying to get all the details ironed out.  We had a nice hotel with a water view, two headed shower, Jacuzzi tub & fireplace, but I could not sleep a wink that first night.  I had to get him out to the boat early so we would not run into our friends at the check in counter; he never asked me who I was text messaging like mad all morning and he did seem to be genuinely surprised & excited to see all our friends in a group by the boat with multicolored balloons with his name on them.


I was so relieved to get that part over with, I was just happy to relax on the boat and kick back with our pals on an unusually sunny day.  It could not have gone more smoothly.  Porpoise came up and played along side the boat, we saw a couple of bald eagles who we learned mate for life, and we got see to see several humpback whales catching their lunch.


The crew of the boat was very enthusiastic.  At one point the guide squealed with overt glee: “…AND WE HAVE BREACHING SALMON!”  The excitement in her voice made my heart race like I was seeing the Pope shaking hands with Elvis!


When we were heading back, I decided it was time for cupcakes.  I had ordered these gourmet cupcakes weeks before and they were pretty much all I could think about.  I ordered almost triple the number of cupcakes than people in our party and brought Tupperware so our friends could each take some home as a party favor, plus extra for me.  When we busted out the cakes, the guide came over with her microphone and announced to the whole boat that it was Sasha’s birthday and in a part embarrassing, part touching moment, every person on the boat commenced in singing to him.  She also made it sound like we had cupcakes for everybody and I swear there was a line queuing.  Sasha, being the kind and generous character that he is made sure each member of the crew got a cupcake and the captain got TWO!  Oh well, I got my double chocolate cupcake that was worth the wait and I still had plenty of specialty Oreos I had made with his picture on them.


Thanks to our great friends, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and detailed planning, it was a picture perfect day for an exceptional fellow.


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5 Comments on “LORDY LORDY, LOOK WHO’S 40!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Such a thoughtful, well-planned day to make his birthday special. Yay, Sasha!

  2. LJ Says:

    A splendid party! And His (and your’s) 40’s are going to be great! Mine certainly have been and I’m 6 plus years in.

  3. Desirée Says:

    Wow – sounds like an amazing experience. What a fantastic birthday surprise as well. Congratulations, Sasha, on your birthday!

  4. FairyGodMum Says:

    Happy Birthday Sasha!!! Save a cupcake for me!!! tee hee Hugz n Lub, Bebe da FairyGodMum

  5. kathy Says:

    Awesome! Happy birthday, Sasha!

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