To combat my recent propensity for illness, I have been using this stuff called Immunity by Zenergize.  It is a 100% natural combination of Vitamin C, Echinacea and immune support herbs to help keep you healthy and strong. It comes in a little tablet that you drop in a large glass of water that makes a lovely fizzy drink.  I like it, so on Monday I decided to try Burn by Zenergize, which is a 100% natural fat burning supplement that contains Green Tea Extract, chromium and caffeine to help boost metabolism and burn calories. I had one glass in the morning & one in the afternoon and then I did not sleep a single wink the entire night.  I just lay there, wide awake, tossing and turning like a Bingo ball.  AAH!  As much as I like losing a pound overnight, I like my sleep better!



I understand road rage.  As a commuter, I can kind of see how someone could be driven to screaming fits or even violence on the freeway.  Yesterday I was stuck in the usual shitty traffic on the interstate.  It is packed with cars in every lane and only moving about 30 miles an hour, but it is the reality of living in a metropolitan area so no point in getting all worked up about it.  I like to keep about 2 car lengths between me and the car in front of me because of the sudden stops that tend to occur.  There was a young girl behind me driving a dark blue Toyota Corolla who was chatting on her cell phone and of course tail gaiting me.  I ignored her and focused on singing along to the radio.  Suddenly a car comes zooming up beside me and jumps in front of me barely missing side swiping my front end.  What the hell?  I realize it was the chick that was behind me, but before I could figure anything out, she raised her arm and flipped me the bird with a flourish.  My first reaction was to laugh because the grand gesture seemed to come out of nowhere and she did it with such nasty “eat shit” enthusiasm.   I guessed that she was annoyed because there was a whole two car spaces in front of me and I was moving too slow in a fucking traffic jam.  The more I thought about it the more my blood began to boil.  What had her dangerous passing gotten her other than 10 feet?  The 12 year old boy in me kicked in and I began to tail gate the shit out of her while muttering obscenities. This went on for ten minutes when I finally got an uneasy feeling and backed off, because I could suddenly relate to those jackasses that pull guns on the freeway.


I am feeling much unmotivated.  I want spark and charisma!  I will settle for a chicken sandwich.


Last night I dreamt about the word: Schadenfreude


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8 Comments on “PUNCH A HOLE IN THE SKY”

  1. Desirée Says:

    He has his first tooth when he was 4 – the 7 others came within 6 weeks of the first appearance. Nothing in the 4 months since then. Raven only started getting her first teeth when she was about 8 months and it took a good 7 months to cut the first 8.

    Schadenfreude – we have a Danish equivalent: skadefryd. I frequently miss certain words from English, but it sometimes goes the other way – there are words in the Danish language that signify something for which there seems no equivalent English word.

    I would be such a road-rager, but luckily I don’t drive.

  2. Violet xoxox Says:

    Yay! You know how I love the schadenfreude, but I was hoping it would turn out to be related to the bitch driver and you flipping her off miles down the road after she rear-ended the car in front of her and got pulled over by the cops. Damn.

    The video … I feel so bad for that girl with the cafeteria tray! The dude sliding down the escalator was just plain awesome (the stunned reaction of the guy on the up escalator was priceless). The rest? Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!!

  3. Eleanor Says:

    Funny, since we’re on the topic of German words, I used the word Gestalt twice today in the right context. I think it’s going to become my personal favourite.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Schadenfreude – always makes me think of the “Avenue Q” song of the same name, especially this snippit (which I can quote because I am part German):

    Oh, Schadenfreude, huh?
    What’s that, some kinda Nazi word?

    Yup! It’s German for “happiness at the misfortune of others!”

    “Happiness at the misfortune of others.” That IS German!

  5. Becky Says:

    Favorite bits: “I will settle for a chicken sandwich.”

    And: the skier-shaped hole in the snow at the end of the video.


  6. LannyLee Says:

    Urgh – I am the WORST road-rager, and I don’t even drive. But inconsiderate & rude people just get to me, especially when they’re being dangerous as well!
    Whenever we drive anywhere N just turns the radio up LOUD to drown out my steady strem of obsenities to the idiots on the road.

  7. Kim Says:

    Things like that make me furious too, because I tend to be unable to stop thinking about them, and just fume & fume…. So so stupid of her. But good for you to just keep on.

    Anyway, hope you got your chicken sandwich, and you & the family have a great weekend!!

    Suddenly I have a strange hankering for schnitzel…

  8. madwag Says:

    love the movie…needed that little smile today

    people have really been moody and road ragey on the roads this week… I got cussed out yesterday by some asshole because I didn’t say thankyou to him for letting me go up the hill while he waited for me …. wtf… ummmm I had the right of way… hello!!!!!!!… he was supposed to wait. I had a car full of kids for the after school programe I work at… they said I should call the police and tell on him… how cute!

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