So sorry I have been M.I.A.;  I have been a combination of sick, exhausted & totally unmotivated.  This is a blog killer for someone who did not have much to say, anyway.


I do not know what is going on with me.  I am sick.  Again.  I have caught every cold, flu and bastard virus that has come down the Pike.  I used to rarely get sick, but my immune system seems to be nonexistent and it is worrying me.  Not enough to get off my butt and go see a doctor, yet, but enough to have me peruse the medication aisle in the Rite Aid for whatever magic pill is going to get me through the day and downing handfuls of vitamins, minerals and super-immune-boosters.  I had a simple cold last week, but it has now moved into my chest and feels pneumonia-y.  Sucks!  It does not help that I am not allowed to sleep at home lately, as my baby boy has suddenly decided to STOP sleeping through the night.  Last night he woke up every 30 minutes on the 30 minutes.  WHY?!?!


I am also bummed about this whole “economy-in-the-shitter” situation.  There has not been a day that has gone by since the year 2000 that I have not been terrified about getting laid off from my job.  I have survived a countless number of layoffs and staff reductions (both at my current job and my last one) and have been extremely lucky, but all the worrying takes its toll.  With the latest bad news coming out of Wall Street, I was sure my parent company was going to shut my innocent, little, non-money making, but helps people-company down.  Instead they have decided to try and sell us.  Who will buy us in today’s market?  Probably the same people who bought Washington Mutual!


In the midst of all this, my little boy turned one year old!  He deserves a more chipper, healthy Mama and I want nothing more than to get back into the swing of things.


Maybe this photo of baby’s first cake will help:


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10 Comments on “I CAN’T WRITE”

  1. Violet xoxox Says:

    Ugh. I can totally empathize, being sick every day myself. I wish I knew of a magic cure to suggest.

    The economy thing is really scary. I hope with all my heart that things start improving. Feeling this powerless brings major stress.

  2. Cat Says:

    Awwwww! If only total cuteness cured the world.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Gawd, has it really been a year? I still remember all that dramz about making the little guy! He’s such a cutie pie.

    Second you about the economy. I’m glad I’m still doing the college thing, I am hoping up and down that by the time I am done and need to start thinking about a career, the economy will have sorted itself out. Please, Jesus, let it get sorted out.

  4. Eleanor Says:

    Mmmm…. chocolate cake…..

  5. Kim Says:

    Oh Cloudy, I am so sorry you are so sick… And to be blue on top of it because of the news/economy (btw, I know that feeling)… That just sucks.

    I hope you can keep your chin up. Don’t worry, Finn will help you!! And everything that looks bad just HAS to swing back up again… It will.

    Take care of yourself xoxoxxo

    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINN!! what a little gentleman, haha!

  6. Mindy Says:

    Not sleeping well + stress = weakened immune system

    Please take care of yourself. [hug]

  7. Desirée Says:

    I got ill all the freaking time and it took blooming ages to get over as well when I was pregnant and after having Raven. It’s not been so bad after having Arthur, but then my life was a lot more stressed after Raven, whereas things have settled a lot now. But I must say the lack of sleep is getting me down as well. And although I’m not employed, I too worry about the economy. Which is stupid, because we’re sound and Denmark isn’t half as hard hit as England and the U.S. of A. But we’d be up shit creek if Adam lost his job.

    But I suppose it’s pointless worrying about stuff we can’t do anything about.

    Again, happy birthday, Finn! You’re such a cute little man! Now, you must sleep all night so mommy can get her groove back!

  8. Sharnee Says:

    OMG, that picture is soooo cute (not to mention the fact that I’m extremely jealous and would love to rub chocolate all over myself too!). The shit economy business is pretty crappy. Fingers crossed your job is secure!

  9. Dan Scott Says:

    Wow – sickness and the toilet economy is not a good combo. Can I send hugs your way? Would that help?

    I can’t believe Finn is a year old. What an amazing change from, say, two years ago eh?

  10. teranika Says:

    what an absolute beauty he is!!!! Feel better and save the velour – it can be your dark secret at home …

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