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October 31, 2008



October 29, 2008

Look what I got my friend as a thank you for helping me out:

I never did find out what flavor Obama is, but the other one is chocolate graham cracker with a marshmallow topping.  Luckily Obama is not literally running against marshmallow (although close) so my vote for him is secure.


October 23, 2008

To combat my recent propensity for illness, I have been using this stuff called Immunity by Zenergize.  It is a 100% natural combination of Vitamin C, Echinacea and immune support herbs to help keep you healthy and strong. It comes in a little tablet that you drop in a large glass of water that makes a lovely fizzy drink.  I like it, so on Monday I decided to try Burn by Zenergize, which is a 100% natural fat burning supplement that contains Green Tea Extract, chromium and caffeine to help boost metabolism and burn calories. I had one glass in the morning & one in the afternoon and then I did not sleep a single wink the entire night.  I just lay there, wide awake, tossing and turning like a Bingo ball.  AAH!  As much as I like losing a pound overnight, I like my sleep better!



I understand road rage.  As a commuter, I can kind of see how someone could be driven to screaming fits or even violence on the freeway.  Yesterday I was stuck in the usual shitty traffic on the interstate.  It is packed with cars in every lane and only moving about 30 miles an hour, but it is the reality of living in a metropolitan area so no point in getting all worked up about it.  I like to keep about 2 car lengths between me and the car in front of me because of the sudden stops that tend to occur.  There was a young girl behind me driving a dark blue Toyota Corolla who was chatting on her cell phone and of course tail gaiting me.  I ignored her and focused on singing along to the radio.  Suddenly a car comes zooming up beside me and jumps in front of me barely missing side swiping my front end.  What the hell?  I realize it was the chick that was behind me, but before I could figure anything out, she raised her arm and flipped me the bird with a flourish.  My first reaction was to laugh because the grand gesture seemed to come out of nowhere and she did it with such nasty “eat shit” enthusiasm.   I guessed that she was annoyed because there was a whole two car spaces in front of me and I was moving too slow in a fucking traffic jam.  The more I thought about it the more my blood began to boil.  What had her dangerous passing gotten her other than 10 feet?  The 12 year old boy in me kicked in and I began to tail gate the shit out of her while muttering obscenities. This went on for ten minutes when I finally got an uneasy feeling and backed off, because I could suddenly relate to those jackasses that pull guns on the freeway.


I am feeling much unmotivated.  I want spark and charisma!  I will settle for a chicken sandwich.


Last night I dreamt about the word: Schadenfreude



October 19, 2008

Dear Finn,


This is my very first letter to you.  There will be more letters from me later: I plan to write you everyday when you are older and away at summer camp and I am already thinking of the notes I will include in your care packages when you are away at college, but this one is the most important, because it is the first one from me, your dear old Mom.


I was going to write this letter 3 weeks ago to commemorate your very first birthday, but decided it was more significant that I write it today to mark the one year anniversary of the day you finally came home to live with us.  For the first 3 weeks of your life, you were in the care of a team of nurses.  You see, for some reason you decided to enter the world 7 weeks earlier than recommended.  Even though your father and I were thrilled to finally get to meet you, it meant we could not yet take you home until the doctors were satisfied you were going to be OK away from their watchful eye and noisy monitors. 


Despite my constant complaining, I loved being pregnant with you.  To feel your sweet presence and have you be part of my every day was a really great feeling, especially since we tried for so long to conceive you.  I wish I could have been pregnant with you for longer to save you some of the discomfort of the incubator and all the poking and prodding you got while in the hospital.


You were just under 5 pounds when you were born, which is teeny tiny.  Despite your size, you were quite handsome from the moment you emerged.  I thought it could just be a mother’s eye, but even the nurses agreed to your total cuteness and were sure to let me know that not all babies are cute.  We would visit you 3 times a day during your cluster care and each and every time I laid my eyes on you, my heart would light up.  You were a charming baby from the get-go.  You came out looking like your Dad and you seemed to possess his calm and kind nature as well.  Lately you look more like my side of the family: big, round, Irish head and you have my mother’s sole dimple on your right cheek. 


You are an easygoing kid who is happy most of the time.  You love to laugh and give kisses.  Currently, however, you are going through an annoying stage of hair pulling.  No matter who is holding you, you like nothing better than to grab a healthy handful of locks and pull as hard as you can, which is pretty dang hard.  Sometimes you also try to pull off my eyelid, so I am working hard on trying to teach you the word NO!


You have a special relationship with your Dad.  He dotes on you more than I do.  He brings you home all kinds of fun toys and was the one who discovered you love cheese and toast and that you will eat most anything, even lima beans.  I get an odd, happy ache whenever I hear him reading to you.


We have our work cut out for us with the baby proofing, as you are a mobile, crawling machine.  I know you will be walking soon as I watch you stand and balance.  At first you would fall down a lot and bash your head on the floor or the table, but now you are figuring out how to avoid calamity as you practice against gravity.


I am proud your first word was “Kitty”, but your Dad would have been even happier if it was Barack Obama.


The thing about you kid, is that I love you so much, but I like you, too.  You are a very cool little person and I can already imagine what a great individual you are going to be.  You are only one year old, but you already have friends.  Every kid at daycare likes you and the other Mom’s tell me their kids are always talking about you at home.


I am trying my hardest to let you become who you are meant to be and to not screw you up too bad.  When you are voted most loved in the entire world, I plan to take all the credit.


I love you, baby boy, forever and always,




First photo

Coming home


One year later


October 14, 2008

For when you literally want to blow your hair out.

Lake Huron rolls, Superior sings

October 9, 2008

Nothing is right about me today.  My hair is a disaster, my tennis shoes do not go with my striped dress pants and my blue swirled with green boat neck top does not match anything.  To make matters worse, my top is too big in an uncomfortable and unflattering way and keeps exposing my bra straps.  It is so bad it is messing with my self-esteem and I almost spent an hour on a commute home to change or to even just get under the covers and stay there.   Instead I ran out of my office, speed-walked 10 blocks to Old Navy, clutching at my exposed shoulders along the way, and purchased a hideous midnight blue velour hoody for $19.  I have not worn velour since 1976 when it was in fashion for 5 minutes and then quickly became a dirty word.  Somehow it works, though, to pull the pants together with the shoes and the brisk walk in the damp air curled my hair into a more passable style for the day.  Phew!


No, I do not have PMS, but I do have Pre-PMS.


I keep seeing this photograph on Facebook as an add for this photography website, and I have to say, it freaks me the fuck out.  Is it supposed to be cute?  Here is your baby IN A BAG!  Ick.



Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison broke up.  If those two crazy kids can’t make it, there is no hope for the rest of us!


I have been on a Memoir kick for the last 5 years; it seems the marriage of heartbreaking and humorous true tales are what I like best.  I will occasionally throw some Fiction into my repertoire, but I always return to the record of real life.  Must be why I love the personal blogs so much.  


I have officially lost 10 pounds since I have been off sugar (it only took 3 months!).  I can now fit into my “Fat Jeans” an not just my “Very Fat Jeans”.  I got rid of the “Skinny Jeans” long ago.


I closed my eyes and said a little prayer as I clicked on my 401(k) quarterly report.  This was a very bad idea.  Now not even velour can save this day.



October 6, 2008

So sorry I have been M.I.A.;  I have been a combination of sick, exhausted & totally unmotivated.  This is a blog killer for someone who did not have much to say, anyway.


I do not know what is going on with me.  I am sick.  Again.  I have caught every cold, flu and bastard virus that has come down the Pike.  I used to rarely get sick, but my immune system seems to be nonexistent and it is worrying me.  Not enough to get off my butt and go see a doctor, yet, but enough to have me peruse the medication aisle in the Rite Aid for whatever magic pill is going to get me through the day and downing handfuls of vitamins, minerals and super-immune-boosters.  I had a simple cold last week, but it has now moved into my chest and feels pneumonia-y.  Sucks!  It does not help that I am not allowed to sleep at home lately, as my baby boy has suddenly decided to STOP sleeping through the night.  Last night he woke up every 30 minutes on the 30 minutes.  WHY?!?!


I am also bummed about this whole “economy-in-the-shitter” situation.  There has not been a day that has gone by since the year 2000 that I have not been terrified about getting laid off from my job.  I have survived a countless number of layoffs and staff reductions (both at my current job and my last one) and have been extremely lucky, but all the worrying takes its toll.  With the latest bad news coming out of Wall Street, I was sure my parent company was going to shut my innocent, little, non-money making, but helps people-company down.  Instead they have decided to try and sell us.  Who will buy us in today’s market?  Probably the same people who bought Washington Mutual!


In the midst of all this, my little boy turned one year old!  He deserves a more chipper, healthy Mama and I want nothing more than to get back into the swing of things.


Maybe this photo of baby’s first cake will help: