I was dreaming I was late for a court date and had 10 minutes to get ready.  I even dreamt that I was showering and shampooing.  I awoke with a start and saw the clock said 10 past eight a.m. – I must have forgot to set my alarm, so I flung myself out of bed and flew immediately into the shower, no time to make coffee.  As I was frantically shampooing my hair, my mind starting going over the work activities I needed to do today and that is when I realized it is a holiday and I could still be sleeping.  Hahahahahahah. Fuck. Hahahahahaahah. Dammit.  In my ultra tired state I half contemplated getting back into bed with drenched hair, but then the baby started to sing and I knew I was past the point of no return.  Happy Labor Day!

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5 Comments on “DANG IT”

  1. sillycakes Says:

    Oh, LORD I hate that. I am forever waking up in a cold sweat because I think I’m late for something.

  2. Kim Says:

    That is so cool you once stayed at the Blackberry Inn too!! It was so cute, and we could see the ocean & everything. I do NOT want to go back to work tomorrow 😦

    I hope you are feeling better!! That is so sad. But at least you will have lots of green-snot stories to tell him when he gets older. (Bedtime stories maybe?) 🙂

  3. Becky Says:

    You’re my second friend that I know that forgot the holiday. He was working at home, fuming that his coworkers weren’t answering their instant messages, when … hahaha. fuck. Me, I remembered! And got exactly nothing done today!

  4. webmiss Says:

    Oh that is not a nice way to start the day. I bet the adrenaline rush was awesome though!

    Sorry to hear about the illness in your home. Hopefully you all feel better soon!

  5. madwag Says:

    I do that shit all the time…. there has been several times that I have even gotten the kids up and MADE them get ready for school… sometimes it is something like an hour early or even a day when there isn’t school… I even got all the way to school once and sat there wondering where everyone was… I am a dip shit running on autopilot sometimes… pisses me off… I love my sleep.

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