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Not dead; just in California.

September 19, 2008

Not dead; just in California.




We took Finn on his first ever road trip to my childhood home to see friends and family and meet many for the first time.  He did spectacularly well sitting in the car for two days as we made our way South (and then for another two days on the return).  The weather is reasonable in Seattle with an average temperature of 67 degrees, but from here to CA it was 99 degrees the entire trip.  We have A/C in the car, which was worth the extra $100 bucks in gas it cost us to run it, but every time we had to step out of the car for a potty break, we died a little in the heat.




As we drove into my childhood town, I narrated for Finn all the little places that produced a memory:


“This is the Oak Tree Center where we would ride our bikes to get a nickel ice cream at the Thrifty Drugs.”


“This is the McDonalds’ where I had a birthday party and accidentally threw away my retainer.”


“This is the train tracks where we would come and play chicken with the oncoming trains!”




I was excited to bring Finn to the home where I grew up where my dad still lives, but it was also an emotional strain as we pulled up in the driveway and I could envision my Mom standing there with opens arms ready to hold her newest grandchild.  Tears welled in my heart as I carried Finn up to the front door, but then I was knocked out of my weirdness by a sudden appearance of a Pileated Woodpecker that flew just inches above our heads and pecked at the tree trunk just above the door frame.  I had never seen one of these before; basically a gigantoid woodpecker with crazy red hair and a long neck punctuated by an even longer beak.  It was as if Woody fucking Woodpecker stopped by to say hello.


That first good omen so quickly pulled me out of my shit, I could just relax and simply enjoy the site of my son holding onto the same coffee table that I and all the kids and grandkids used to learn to walk and test out new teeth.



The rest of the trip went so fast; a whirlwind of the memories old and freshly made co-mingling together like turkey vegetable soup.




On the drive back, we had to pull over to take care of an exploded diaper (unfortunately, this is literal) and just happened to pull in next to a couple of donkey’s; one was of course named Eeyore.  They were just like little puppies, wagging their tales.  Don’t worry, no baby toes or fingers were lost in the making of these photos:




September 3, 2008

I have changed.  10 years ago I was living on a futon in the world’s smallest studio apartment.  I still used milk crates as a makeshift dresser and pretty much only ever cooked spaghetti or ate cereal for dinner.  I had no cares in the world other than getting to work on time and playing Frisbee in the park when it was nice outside.  I would drink heavily on the weekends and had little concern for my own personal safety.


Suddenly I am a Mom and finding myself pouring over Pottery barn for Kids catalogues and actually finding the contents “cute”.  My coworker brought his 4 children to work, including his infant baby boy and I was fawning and coochicooing and making silly faces at the older kids as opposed to hiding in my office like I used to do whenever young folk were present.  I beam at pregnant women on the street or wave at the toddler in the passing stroller.


I have to admit, it is a bizarre feeling to be peering into my son’s crib in the middle of the night, watching him peacefully sleep when I suddenly burst into tears at the enormity and the beauty of it all.  When I get to hug him and hold him close, I thank the universe for giving me something so precious.  I kiss his warm little head and look on in awe as I watch him grow and learn and crawl and stand.  Soon he will be walking and talking and it blows my mind just thinking about all these little things that I never, ever cared about before, but now see them for what they really are: true phenomenon.


See this sweet little face?  It changed my life.



Form AND Function

September 2, 2008

I got this Duck measuring cup for my Grandma for her 89th birthday.  She does not need this or anything else really, but at least it will be fun for her to open and then add to the pile of stuff already on her counter. 


September 1, 2008

I was dreaming I was late for a court date and had 10 minutes to get ready.  I even dreamt that I was showering and shampooing.  I awoke with a start and saw the clock said 10 past eight a.m. – I must have forgot to set my alarm, so I flung myself out of bed and flew immediately into the shower, no time to make coffee.  As I was frantically shampooing my hair, my mind starting going over the work activities I needed to do today and that is when I realized it is a holiday and I could still be sleeping.  Hahahahahahah. Fuck. Hahahahahaahah. Dammit.  In my ultra tired state I half contemplated getting back into bed with drenched hair, but then the baby started to sing and I knew I was past the point of no return.  Happy Labor Day!