The lack of “new” posts could be due to the fact that I am sick again and if I post something it will be all about my current disgusting illness and would be infected with descriptive terms such as: “green, Day-Glo snot with the consistency of Elmer’s glue before it dries” and a “hacking cough like a smelly hyena chain smoking non-filtered Marlboro’s on it’s deathbed”.  For some reason in this last year I have contracted every single hybrid influenza, cold, virus and infection that made their rounds through the human population. I used to only get a token cold per year. I thought maybe it was because when I gave birth, I gave my immune system to my baby, but he is sick, too.  This is double gross, because the baby cannot blow his own nose, which is very unpleasant.  This morning he had a dollop of bright green snot in the center of his forehead.  Maybe we are sharing an immune system these days.  At any rate, it sucks and I am over it.


Instead of me going on and on about disgusting illnesses, please enjoy this Lego version of Eddie Izzard’s Cake or Death monologue:





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6 Comments on “CAKE OR SNOT”

  1. madwag Says:

    I love Eddie Izzard… I don’t love green snot. Poor Cloudy and Finn… I sorry for you guys. xxooxxoo

  2. yankeechick Says:

    “a dollop of bright green snot on his forehead” OMG! You are priceless!!!! LMAO

  3. Eleanor Says:

    That was very funny. Thanks for posting it.

  4. LJ Says:

    Get well soon!!! Dern It!!!

  5. Lannylee Says:

    Urgh, being suck sucks!!

    Hope you both feel better soon x

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