I said jump, down on Jump Street

Every time I empty the dishwasher and begin putting the silverware away in their little organized slot cubby in the drawer, I think of Johnny Depp; Every. Single. Time. I am certain there must be at least one other person in the world who also thinks of Johnny Depp when putting away their freshly cleaned forks, knives & spoons, because it was a major plot point on an episode of 21 Jump Street.

21 Jump Street was an awesome TV show that Johnny Depp starred in from 1987 – 1990 where young looking cops go under cover in high schools where, apparently, all the bad shit is going down.

Here is a description of some of the episodes:

Episode 5. My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
First aired: 5/3/1987 Production Code: 16105
Hanson and Penhall infiltrate an exclusive preppie clique to investigate what led to a girl’s death.

Episode 13. Mean Streets and Pastel Houses
First aired: 6/28/1987 Production Code: 16101
Hanson goes undercover as a punk rocker in an effort to stop a feud between two rival gangs from turning into a war.

Episode 29. Orpheus 3.3
First aired: 2/28/1988 Production Code: 16225
Hanson blames himself for failing to prevent the shooting death of his girlfriend in a convenience store robbery and becomes obsessed with revenge.

I thought it was interesting that one of the episodes had the Fear & Loathing moniker:

25. Fear and Loathing with Russell Buckins
First aired: 12/20/1987 Production Code: 16214
Hanson contemplates leaving the force and leaves town instead of going to a refresher course at the police academy he and Penhall had been assigned to take after they went drag racing to try to catch a hit and run driver.

Anyway, the episode that my brain bizarrely refers to every time I empty the dishwasher is this one:

Episode 41. Hell Week
First aired: 12/18/1988 Production Code: 16318
Hanson and Ioki must endure hell week as fraternity pledges in order to gain the confidence and get evidence on a gang rape which occurred at a frat party.

During this episode, Tom Hanson, played by Johnny Depp gets caught up in some hazing action when he must go undercover as a fraternity pledge. One of the cruel things the fraternity makes him do to prove he is worthy of joining their frat is to put silverware in their rightful spot super fast. That’s right: he must put the spoons in the spoon slot, the forks in the fork slot, etc. First partner Ioki tries it and every time he messes up, which is a lot, Hanson must eat a raw egg. THE HUMANITY! When Hanson tries it, he expertly puts each utensil in its rightful spot, never once messing up. When the pledge master then asks him how many of each he put away, Hanson says a number and if he is correct, the pledge master has to eat a cup of pig intestines or something. Of course the almighty Hanson is right, but the Pledge Master still makes Ioki eat the intestines and Hanson has to shine his shoes. THE INDIGNITY!

I am hoping that sharing this story will somehow purge it from my brain and I will no longer think of it each and every time I put dishes away. But then, Johhny Depp is not the worst thing you can think about was drowning in domesticity.


The fate of some other cast members: Peter DeLuise who played Doug Penning, just starred in the soon to be released made-for-TV movie: Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon. Richard Grieco who played the character Booker, is now manarexic:


Holy shit, the episode is actually on youtube. Of course.



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13 Comments on “I said jump, down on Jump Street”

  1. teranika Says:

    you’ve got a way way WAY cooler dishwasher image than I do – I think of some obsessive-compulsive bavarian I knew who always had to have the silverware in the right slots, which of course I never do and didn’t even CONSIDER doing hen I visited…another international incident brought to you by teranika. At least they didn’t make me eat pig intestines.

  2. Violet xoxox Says:

    God, I lived all week for that show. All these kids drooling over Johnny today … I like to tell them *I* was watching Johnny on 21 Jump Street back when he was, like, 12. LOL I always wonder why they never show it in repeats, considering how big Johnny became. Then again, maybe they don’t show it BECAUSE of how big Johnny became.

    I should order the DVDs.

    I always HATED Richard Grieco. Hated, hated, hated. He always came off so smarmy and slimy, even when he wasn’t being smarmy and slimy.

    We sortakinda know what happened to Holly Robinson, don’t we? And am I wrong in thinking Mrs. Peete — in addition to becoming Mrs. Peete and being Robin Givens’ bestest friend (blurf!) — has been a “celebrity endorser” on an infomercial for at least one stupid product late at night? Can’t remember which one. Proactiv? Ken whatshisname’s hair extensions? Bare Minerals? Does it matter?

    I really liked Dustin Nguyen, and it’s weird that he’s continued acting and has been in several things since, yet I’ve haven’t seen ANY of them.

  3. Violet xoxox Says:

    Holy shit, look at the mullet on Dustin! Maybe some things are best left forgotten.

  4. madwag Says:

    I don’t think I ever missed an episode… JD is still just as lush today…oh hay… his kids go to a private school near where I live.. .and he has a home near here someplace too… several sighting of him but not by me …bummer

  5. adela Says:

    I had a huge crush on Peter DeLuise. He was so cuddly and cute. Everyone loves Johhny Depp. That boy is just soooooooo fine! *drool* And he’s a good actor too.

  6. Desirée Says:

    Never heard of the show, but I totally know what you mean about thoughts in your head webbed into certain actions that you perform. I always think of my friend from way back at boarding school when I use the blender. Haven’t seen her since I was 16 and there appears to be no logical link between the two.

  7. pantrypuff Says:

    Loved that show, loved it loved it! And, yes, Richard Greico is a freak.

  8. Sharnee Says:

    I remember that scene too!! I thought I was the only one!!

  9. Sharnee Says:

    ps: Do you remember when Doug went to Vietnam (or somewhere) to find his long lost love and found he had a son and the woman had died and they played a U2 song and it was very sad?

    Of course I could have made that all up. I was about 12 at the time and have only seen it once.

  10. Kim Says:

    OH my god, I used to watch that show all the time — and I REMEMBER THAT episode too!! Now I am going to think of that ALL the time…. Wonder what Grieco is doing now — he must be so jealous of Johnny Depp! haha.

    (Oh, forgot to answer your question about WPM, I could only type about 150, but it was a local station, sort of an internship-thingy… I think for legal typists the WPM is 220! Jeesh.)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I remember the dishwasher scene vividly. Hilarious I found this post.

  12. Monica K. Says:

    OMG! Thank you! Every.single.time. But I could not for the life of me remember if it was in a movie or TV show. I asked several people and got he crazy look. So I appreciate this 😃

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