Today is the 20th anniversary of the day I lost my virginity. Woo! It was a pretty nice experience, as Sam was a virgin, too, so it was like a story book romance, but it was also a harlequin. The setting was a hot, humid day in Queens, NY, so a lot of sweaty flesh was involved, making me think at the time: Gosh, it really is just like the movies. I emailed Sam reminding him of the date and he responded: “So that is why I have been thinking about you so much lately…”

I love that we are still friends two decades later.

Anyway, happy anniversary to me, it has been a great run!

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  1. poopiebitch Says:

    Happy Virginniversary! That is crazy awesome that you two are still friends.

  2. Eleanor Says:

    It’s crazy awesome that you remember the date. I know mine was sometime in the summer of 1974, but that’s it. I do, however, remember the date of my first menstrual period. Why that and not the other I have no idea.

  3. Becky Says:

    Well done! I’ll raise a glass in honor of you two.. from over here.. For me, it was the 4th of July in Ireland, in the 1980s. That’s all I’ll share here as I hear spinning sounds emanating from certain graves. xoxo

  4. Violet Says:

    The parade starts at 6:30. There will be fireworks.

  5. LJ Says:

    Thanks for popping in over at my page. Celebrating 20 years eh?! I’m awestruck that you remember. It must have been good, or pleasant. If it was 20 years ago I’m hopin’ and wishin’ that you’re over 36 – at least. But that’s the puritan in me talking. 🙂

  6. Kim Says:

    That is so cool/weird you are still friends with him after all these years!! There should definitely be a parade for the event!

  7. madwag Says:

    he he he he… what a cool thing to remember… I have completely lost touch w/ my cherry popper

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