Reprinted from July 2004

1. You can dance. Mainly with your shoulders and head movements, but you will be surprised how well you can get your body moving while obeying traffic laws.

2. Eat breakfast lunch or dinner, or just have a snack.

3. Sing loud.

4. Cry.

5. Keep your eye on the road, but keep your peripheral on the look out for wild birds. There are quite a few hawks, falcons & even Eagles just flying around or sitting curbside.

6. Make mental lists.

7. You can smoke, but you will later die from complications from smoking, so I do not recommend it.

8. You can talk on the phone, but I also do not recommend it.

9. Yell obscenities at the idiot who cut you off, did not use blinker, and/or is driving like an asshole.

10. You can get a speeding ticket.

11. If you have a passenger, you can talk about the state of the world or just shoot the shit.

12. You can listen to NPR.

13. You can think about your next diary entry.

14. You can play I-spy or look for Hawaiian license plates.

15. You can drive somewhere fun, like Niagara Falls or New Orleans.

16. You can drive into the ocean, but may not be able to drive out.

17. You can drive alongside a train.

18. You can park and make-out.

19. You can take your friends to a drive-in movie or a drive-through restaurant.

20. You can spin out in a gravel driveway or hydroplane on a rainy day.

21. You can drink water, but not vodka.

22. You can roll your hair up in the window.

23. You can touch yourself (for Greg).

24. You can brake for artesians.

25. You can honk at drunk drivers.

26. You can reflect on your life so far.

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  1. Greg Says:

    I hope you know another Greg, because I ain’t no Divinyls acolyte. Well actually I am, but how would YOU know that?

  2. madwag Says:

    #9 is good… well… I like a lot of them

    how about playing air guitar w/ your seat belt?

  3. Becky Says:

    I would love to see that list illustrated by someone like Lynda Barry. My evil commute to-and-fro across the Bay Bridge was the perfect place to cry in the months after my mom died.. I could get out my grief, my frustration at the commute, and whatever other aggravations — and the tollbooth person didn’t care one whit! After I stopped crying all the time, I would practice endless vocal exercises — again, the tollbooth people did not blink when I’d pass by, bellowing “MAY ME MAH MO MOOOO!”

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