Here is the story of how a beautiful wedding was almost ruined and how we took all the attention away from the bride and groom for part of the reception.

Sasha had gone on his annual family fishing trip, where 18 male members of his family head up to Ontario and spend 10 hours a day for a week straight in a boat on the lake in direct sun drinking nothing but beer. This was the first fishing trip since his father’s death of a stroke in November and they used the opportunity to spread some of his ashes in his favorite fishing spot. Needless to say, it was a difficult trip.

He was gone a total off 11 days and I took off work to stay home with the baby. I loved the bonding time, but it was not the easiest as Finn seemed to miss his daddy and would wake up several times in the night to tell me so. I had been spoiled with him sleeping through the night since he was 4 months old, so the middle of the night business threw me for a loop!

Sasha had to cut his trip short, because our good friend Tim was getting married and he did not want to miss it. Sasha ended up flying back the morning of the wedding after traveling for a full day and not getting much rest. I picked him up from the airport and then we had a few hours to rest and then get ourselves plus the baby into our party clothes. I was very excited, because I had been looking forward to the event for more than a year. I had picked a dress with just the right amount of cleavage, but not the wisest color choice of all black since it ended up being one of the hottest days of the year.

We made it to the ceremony on time and it was a beautiful event in an outdoor garden filled with sweet roses. I cried when the bride made her entrance and I was so happy to see all their friends and family. The reception was in a shi-shi restaurant in another part of town, so we made our way there amidst all the traffic and parking issues.

The reception was amazing, as they had THREE different party favors. I am a big fan of party favors and was worried they would not have any, but they had trees for each person to take home to plant, plus little bags of candy and inscribed match books. We quickly made our way to the outside deck area where the bar was located. We were huddled in a group catching up with friends we had not seen for years. I was enjoying myself as Finn sat in his stroller basking in the attention of fawning ladies and meeting the other babies and toddlers.

I had only taken one sip of my first drink when they were calling for families with babies to be the first in the food line. I turned to tell my friend that I bet he wished he had kids, when something hit my foot. I was confused when I looked down to see my baby’s stroller fallen backwards onto the ground with my baby IN IT and then I saw the single most scary thing in my life: Sasha collapsed and convulsing on the ground. I SCREAMED. His eyes were open, but with a dead stare and his body was thrashing like a fish out of water. I screamed again. I did not know what was happening, I thought he was dying. I thought I was watching him die. I lost all control of my mind; I did not know what to do. I did not know what was happening. Someone else righted the fallen stroller and attended to my son (who was unhurt, thank god). I screamed Sasha’s name and suddenly a flicker of life came into his eyes and he said: “Oh, Sorry” and attempted to get up, but he immediately fell back down and his body was again thrashing and convulsing on the ground and his eyes again went blank. I screamed yet again, that was all I could do. Suddenly, the bride who is a nurse was squatting over Sasha in her beautiful wedding gown. A small crowd of her friends who are also nurses gathered as well as the brides’ father who must have been a saint, because he helped calm me the most by assuring me it was not a stroke, it was just a seizure. Sasha came to after only a few minutes. He was awake and oriented, but white as a sheet. I must have thrown my drink on the ground, because it was no longer in my hands, but somehow I had the baby’s sippy cup and was pouring the water from hit onto his face and neck.

A pillow was placed under his head and he was kept prone on the ground until the paramedics arrived. This is when I turned around and saw all 80 wedding guests staring at us. I felt terrible and begged the bride to go enjoy her reception, but of course she remained at his side. The paramedics took his vitals and listened to the 20 people talking at once about what happened. Sasha was completely oriented and was able to stand, but his color had only half returned. It was decided that he was dehydrated and exhausted from his long, emotional week. The heat of the day and lack of water intake did not help. The paramedics decided he did not need to go to the hospital at this time & we were able to stay until the end of the wedding, although we could not fully concentrate or enjoy the party. The image of him on the ground continues to haunt me.

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19 Comments on “SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE”

  1. Prolifique Says:

    Good God! *hugs* I’m glad it turned out okay, but what a terrifying experience!!!

  2. poopiebitch Says:

    Holy shit. I am so sorry you had to go through that, and I am so glad Sasha is okay! I can’t imagine the helpless feeling you must have had. Thank god the bride was a nurse… at least they’ll have an interesting wedding story to tell for years to come.

  3. eleanorio Says:

    Whoa! What a horrific tale. I’m glad Sasha is all right. Phew!

  4. Kim Says:

    I am so sorry that happened, what a horrifying experience. I would have been just petrified too. I am so glad he his ok though.

    Don’t worry about the wedding; I’m sure they were just glad they were there to help, and glad he was ok.

    Hope your day is going ok today, take care —

  5. Sarah Says:

    oh, my goodness.. what a horrifying, haunting experience.. god, thankfully Sasha is okay.. and Finn, too.. and YOU.. but I can’t even imagine how frightening it was..

    just.. wow.. give Sasha my regards, and a bigbig hug from me.

  6. Dan Says:

    Wow – yeah, that’s not something you, Sasha, or Finn would want to go through again. On the bright side, something stress / dehydration / fatigue related is way more benign than all the other possibilities that were probably flashing through your mind.

    Now let’s hope that YOUR stress levels can stick to a reasonable altitude. We care about you lots, Cloudy!

  7. Desirée Says:

    Oh my lord – what a frightening experience! I would’ve screamed, too! Glad it was nothing serious… though dehydration can be serious enough! Give my best to Sasha and drink plenty of water!

  8. madwagy Says:

    I really feel for you… very similar to what happened to my mum…but my mum actually had a stroke and will never be the same. I am so so grateful that your Sahsa and baby are okay… and you…. you made me cry.

  9. LannyLee Says:

    Wow – it puts my own ‘episode’ in the shade, i’m sorry if my posts added to your stess, what weird parallels.

    So glad you’re all ok though, please send my love & best wishes to Sasha and i’m sure that although it was scary at the time it was nothing serious.

    ((Hugs)) x

  10. sbellem Says:

    Oh goodness I am so glad you are okay and Finn and Sasha. So scary!!! Something familiar happened to my Finn. I have to blog about that…
    In the meantime, hugs to all. That kind of experiance is so shaking, it really messes with yout head!

  11. Kristen Says:

    Thank goodness Sasha’s OK. If he was dehydrated, how come the paramedics didn’t take him to the hospital to just put him on a drip and get him watered?

    Eh, whatever. I’m so glad it’s over, and hopefully Sasha has learned to drink water in the summer.

  12. Beth Says:

    I’m so glad everyone is well. I’m sorry you had to have that experience.

  13. geekbetty Says:

    omgd!! has anything like that ever happened before? please tell me he is going to have a follow up check up with a doctor. that is so scary. I’m so glad he’s okay.

  14. webmiss Says:

    Oh wow. You must have been terrified. I’m so glad that Finn wasn’t hurt either when his stroller over turned. I was also wondering what Geekbetty said, did Sasha go to a check up with his personal doctor to ensure that it wasn’t something more serious? He hasn’t had an episode since then, has he?

  15. theskyisfallingin Says:

    Something like this has happened before, but only after many beers, so I am not sure if it is related. He is going to make an appointment to get a brain scan to see if we can figure this out. The same thing used to happen to Sasha’s dad and once even happened while he was DRIVING!!

  16. teranika Says:

    Oh my goodness. I’m so thankful to read that no one was hurt in the end. I would still be shaking, too.

    And to think that I was coming hear to give you the news that K and I went to show Susi the upside-down schoolhouse art sculpture in Funcouver – and it’s GONE!

    I’m glad to hear that Sasha is going to get this checked out.

  17. Megin Says:

    Holy shit! I’m so glad that Sasha (and Finn) are alright. I’m a panicky sort so I can empathize with imagining the worst. I hope your little family is doing much much better and that the brain scan turns up nothing serious. You guys are in my thoughts.

  18. kathy Says:

    Yikes! Please tell Sasha I’m glad he’s ok.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Let it go already.

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